Tuesday, December 12, 2017

When It's Fun - Do It Again!

Some people find it easy to mass produce an item, they are able to make multiples (even hundreds) of something.  I am not that person.  I have a hard time making just about anything more than once ... unless ... I really like it ... and it has to be fun!
The first machine cover happened by accident.  I had taken a charm pack and pieced them into quarter-squares triangles!  Inspired by Lori Holt and her Quilty Fun book, those 3.5 inch pieces became a sewing machine cover! This first one was made back in 2014!
Our guild sponsored a gift exchange a few years ago and I made another one with a sewing themed fat eighth pack!  Even after the second one, I had a feeling there would be more in my future!  It was still fun!
Long time followers know how much I love gingham ... sew ... I used 6 inch pieced gingham blocks for the background of the cover for "Her Majesty"!  And after I finished this third one ... it was still fun!
I have been collecting Kim Diehl fabrics for several years ... it was time to cut into some ... and the plan is to make another machine cover!  It's for a friend who loves KD fabric as much as I do!
This time I intended to use nine-patch blocks for the background!
I alternated 3.5 inch (unfinished) nine-patch with plain squares to create the18' X 24" required for the mat!
My sweet Santa assisted the entire process ... so fun!
The mat is pieced and next was layering it.
I use Soft n' Stable for the machine covers ... I love how it maintains the shape!
Machine quilting done!
Next ... the row of spools ... pieced and quilted!
Auditioning on what end to place the spools ... decisions, decisions!
Binding is not my favorite dillydally activity ... I needed Santa to cheer me on!
Time to try it on Her Majesty!  Perfect fit!  By the end of the day it was wrapped, boxed and on its way to a dear friend for her birthday!  It was so hard to wait for her to receive it ... it arrived Saturday and she loved it ... I am thrilled!

And yep ... there are plans swimming around in my head for the next one I plan to make!  As long as it is fun ... I'll make more!

Do what you love!  Have fun!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally
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  1. I'm the lucky birthday girl! Thanks a bunch!

  2. These are sew cute!
    Glad you have fun making more of them.