Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Our Lefse Tradition!

Both Mr. and I grew up eating and worshiping lefse!  Family lore is that he proposed the day after Christmas (1980) because of my lefse making skills!  And ... lets be honest ... lefse tasting kisses are the best!
We've been making lefse together ever since!  In our 36 years of marriage, there was only one year that lefse wasn't made.  At Christmas dinner that year our seven-year-old son proclaimed it the "worst Christmas of his life!"  Now that Brother and Girlfriend live here in Cordova, we all pitch in and make it together! 
We make more than four people can use, because we like to share with friends.  We go through 10 pounds of potatoes and flour!  My mother learned to make lefse from my Grandma Elsie.  Mom wrote the recipe by stopping Grandma as she mixed the dough.  As Grandma was about the add an ingredient, Mom would measure it.  We use that exact same recipe!
Lefse is messy!  Mr. took this selfie ... it cracks me up!  By the time we're finished everything and everyone is covered in flour!  Part of the reason we only make it once a year! 
A friend from Minnesota sent me a goodie package this fall!  It included a super cute dishtowel with this lefse motif!  I brought it out to use on our lefse making day ... but I just didn't have the heart to get it messy and stained!  It was just too cute!  So I decided recently to make it into a Holiday pillow!  I finished it today and am in love with the results!

Do what you love!  Keep those family traditions!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally 

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  1. Sounds like fun family tradition with a treasured recipe.
    Those are the best!