Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Missing Minnesota

Mississippi Headwaters - 2011
I've been thinking about Minnesota lately ...
... with Sister and Peder no longer living in Minneapolis, I won't be traveling there every summer.  I would usually travel to visit her about this time ... late July and early August.  Change is welcome, but comes with mixed emotions. 
It all began last weekend while I was cutting out a new quilt ...
... for a family member ...
 ... who is a northern Minnesota boy through and through!  I miss that yearly visit with extended family members.
 I miss the Metro QBees, Randi and Mary Ellen.  Oh ... and how I miss visiting with Quilt Rock Star Roseann Kermes in her amazing studio.
Those Sassy Stitchin' Sisters ... I miss them too.
One of the Sassy Sisters sent me a card and antique needle package ... I received it earlier this week.  
It was lovely to hear from her ... to receive an update on her life ... a hand written note that is filled with heartfelt words that I can read again ... and again.  Don't misunderstand me ... I love the computer and all the digital ways we can communicate with one another ... but none of that compares to the power of a personal hand written note.  
Mississippi River Cruise - St. Paul 2011
Missing places ... reliving memories ...
... missing family in Paul's territory...
... and missing friends.  Missing places and faces can leave us with a sense of loss ... but that is the result of attachment.  Feeling attached to people and places is a good thing ... if anything, the world could use everyone feeling more attached to all that we share.  Those relationships and places increase in value when we miss them ... and we protect those that are valuable to us.  It is ok to accept change with mixed emotions ... that is as it should be!
Do what you love.  Send a hand written note to someone.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. I know this feeling. There are people and places that are very special to me. I wish that I could visit them more often!

    Minnesota will miss having you visit this summer. Hold on to the memories!