Monday, July 29, 2013

Binding Birthday Bash!

My sewing room is very small ... and it is stuffed to the ceiling with treasure!  Flicka finds all sorts of things to get into!  Here she is removing pins from something!  Cats love messy ... so no wonder this is her favorite room!  Mine too!  There is no room to bind quilts larger than a baby size ... so I often let the quilts ready for binding accumulate ... unless it has a deadline ... and move "Her Majesty" to the dining room table.

Earlier this month I shared with you, two quilts that had been quilted.  Mr. DD's log cabin and the first Buzz Cut.  Recently I had the three quilts I pieced last summer out of Vintage Modern fabrics quilted.  These are the pictures that the long arm quilter took before she sent them back to me.

 I have admired this quilter's work for a long time ... and am so grateful that she has taken me as a client!
Five quilts ready for binding ... it was "Fabulous Friday" ... definitely time for a "Binding Bash"!
Step 1:  Prepare the binding!  Sometimes I am organized enough that I make the binding right after I piece the quilt.  I had done that on two of them, but had to pull out my Vintage Modern yardage and get those ready.
I store my binding strips on a clip and then attach it to a ring and hang them up.  It keeps them neat and organized until I finally get around to attaching them to the quilt.  It also serves as a reminder ... to get it done! ;-)
Step 2:  Clear the dining table.  I top the table with a heavy weight vinyl tablecloth.  Protects the table and it is slippery.  That allows me to move and turn the quilt without any resistance.
Step 3:  Set up "Her Majesty".  Of course Flicka had to participate in this operation.  She and "Her Majesty" are very close friends ... sometimes I think they get together and plot against me! ;-)
Step 4:  Place large mixing bowl in position by the foot pedal to hold binding.  I used a metal bowl because it is cold and unbreakable.  Flicka doesn't like the noise of metal or the temperature ... so she left it alone!  Kitties love to play with binding while you're trying to apply it to a quilt!
A fresh needle in the machine ... a full bobbin ... pins ... scissors ... cup of hot coffee ... let's get this party started!
First finish!  Mr.  DD's new couch quilt!
Second finish!  The Thimbleberries Buzz Cut.  I am consistently guilty of over planning and being over ambitious!  I thought I could finish all five in one day!  Silly me ... I forgot that life is still happening around me and sometimes it gets in the way of the best laid plans!  A friend needed several hours of my time ... helping a friend out is time well spent.  No worries ... and no apologies ... I embrace the consequences of my optimism!  
I began early again on Saturday morning ... with a fresh cup of coffee!  Next up was the Vintage Modern Buzz Cut!
Done!  And I have fallen in love with this fabric and the three quilts all over again. Holiday party at the Hideout and a wedding took up the rest of Saturday.  Good thing we were so busy, no one missed using the dining table to dine. ;-)  It was a lovely day!
 Day 3 ... look who was waiting to wish me a Happy Birthday!  Two of my favorite family members ... yep, they were plotting!
Fourth finish!  Yeah!  Only one more to go!
Five finishes!  Now that is a reason to celebrate!  What a wonderful way to spend my birthday!

Binding remnants never looked so good! ;-)
 Envision Flicka and I performing ceremonial cartwheels around this pile of leftovers!
A three day Binding Bash!  Yep, I party like a Rock Star!  I had a lovely birthday ... dillydallying!  Mr. DD made Brother and I a wonderful dinner ... and we ate at the dining room table!

Do what you love.  Party like a Rock Star!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Happy Happy Birthday!!! Always a reason to celebrate and do what you love. The quilts are fabulous!! I am inspired.

  2. It's my birthday today! The best thing is my youngest is visiting from Iowa for over a week!! And my husband took the day off.

    1. Happy Birthday! Hope you celebrated with a bit of dillydallying as well! Enjoy your family is precious!

  3. I got to see the photos when they were done but not close ups of the needlework. Fabulous!!!

    1. Absolutely wonderful quilting! Am thrilled! Currently preparing more to send her way! I can't thank you enough! Hugs!

  4. Wow! That is amazing quilting on all the quilts. I love the way the buzz cut is done. I an envious!
    Makes you feel good to have all that done!