Monday, July 8, 2013

A Break in the Weather!

This morning when I woke ... it was quiet ... the stillness meant that it was not raining!  It had been raining for 10 days without a break ... very gloomy weather.  After finishing up some morning chores, Kysa and I decided to celebrate by going for a walk.  We like to go to places where she can be off leash.
Ugh!  Windshield wipers were required a few moments later!  We kept going ... just in case it blew over!
Thankfully the rain stopped ... skies were cloudy ... but oh my, the shades of green were lovely.
The fireweed is beginning to bloom ...
... it should peak soon.
Fortunately, I happened to look down ...
... some of Alaska's jewels, wild strawberries!  A little taste of heaven here on earth!
After all the rain ... patches of blue sky are a welcome sight!
It felt good to get outside ... emerald green grass ... wild flowers ... and a mouthful of berries ... a great way to dillydally this afternoon!
Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally
9:30pm - July 8, 2013
Beautiful way to end the day in DillyDallydom!


  1. Beautiful pictures! We have had rain at least once a day for the past 2 weeks. This week doesn't look any better. We are hoping after Thursday the skies will finally clear. The corn looks great, the soybeans not so much and the wheat should have been harvested a week ago. Last year my friend was hauling water by this time, she has plenty now. If the humidity was lower, it may be more bearable too!

  2. I so enjoy seeing your pictures of Alaska! Miss Carol said it all . . . rain, rain, rain in Ohio. I think we broke a record for the most rain days in a row in June. Tonight was a real gully washer with flooding, high winds and trees down. I am planning on travelling down south for our QBee day tomorrow, Thursday; it's supposed to be dry. Hopefully the weather in Alaska and Ohio improves!