Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Wind Storm!

Working on a whim ... it is the dillydally lifestyle!  Recently the dillydally winds have been blowing in a "Finish It" direction!
July 2012
One of my favorite digital photo storage features is "Last 12 months" ... so fun to quickly see what I was doing a year ago!
While in Oregon last summer I had purchased this ...
... at Boersma's in McMinnville.
I love Schnibbles ... in every way!  I was happy with the results!  Folded it neatly ... prepared the binding ... and quickly put it in the "to be quilted" pile.  And there it safely sat.
I pulled it out last week!  It is the Red, White and Blue season!  I got busy!  Stitched in the ditch ... bound ... hanging on the wall!  Cartwheels were performed (only in my mind) in celebration!
July 2012
I had also picked up this Crabapple Hill pattern ... same store ... same date, July 3rd!  Love it!
July 2012
My little furball assisted as I began the stitching!  She was so small!
Pulled it out the other day ... most of the stitching had been completed!
The "finish frenzy" continued!  Completed the handwork ... added a scrappy border ... layered and ready to be quilted.
My supervisor seems to think that every time I start machine quilting ... she needs to nap!  My sweet fur ball is such a wing nut!
Patiently waiting for me to get busy ... such a task master! ;-)
Hmmm ... an extra hand appendage to assist with the binding!
A few finishing touches ... beads added for the "sparkler" and buttons on the flag!
Another finish ... worthy of back flips (in my mind, of course) and fireworks!
The winds have shifted ... a new dillydally frenzy is in progress ... Flicka and I are busy!  Zoom - zoom - zoom!  Never ending fun!
Do what you love.  Let the wind blow!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Your projects are wonderful. I have been dillydallying all summer, simply looking at other people's wonderful creations, but you have now put me over the edge. I must finish my UFO's! I just wish I had such a helpful assistant to inspire me. :)

  2. Love the closure and the results of your finished projects. I am inspired.