Monday, July 15, 2013

A Visit to Neverland!

Remember this book ... filled with adventure and travel?

Where the characters ... whom we found were much like ourselves ... shared adventure, explored emotions, faced challenges ... they took us to places that we dreamed of.  We experienced the magic of literature while reading this book ... and for many of us, it was our introduction to the genre of fantasy!
We revisited that magic as local librarian and fiber artist, Anna Hernandez took us there with her hand-dyed yarns.  Anna's "Skeins in the Stacks" yarn is inspired by literature that she has enjoyed as a child and/or with her sons.  In the past, we have enjoyed her interpretation of Peter Rabbit and The Mitten.  

This past Saturday, she unveiled Peter Pan and Wendy!  Anna and Dotty (owner of our local yarn store, The Net Loft), used their magic and transformed the classroom area!  
A large sail from Hook's ship towered above the classroom table!
A pirate flag to remind us that every good story must have a villain!
The details ... gold coins ... the alligator ... the clock ... quotes taken directly from the text ... all worked their magic to  recreate an opportunity for us to revisit this childhood favorite.
The refreshments carried the theme as well ... we drank from the "Mermaids' Lagoon"!  So fun!
Her yarn captures the magic of Barrie's story and Ingpen's illustrations!  Anna developed four colorways to represent this piece of literature.  Behind the illustration ... the colorways are James Hook, the pirate with a black and dark heart ... and the hero, Peter Pan.
Here ... The Mermaids' Lagoon ...
... on the left, "If you believe, clap your hands".
As I mentioned earlier, Anna is a librarian and uses the Dewey Decimal system to classify her yarns by weight and fiber content!  Too fun!
Anna is such an inspiration!  It is a joy to listen as she shares the process of choosing a piece of literature ... and how her memories, the text, and illustrations influence her colorways and knitting.
Such talent ... what a priviledge to participate in Anna's success!  How grateful I am to have a local shop owner who works to assist home grown talent!  The Net Loft will soon have "Skeins in the Stacks" yarns available for purchase on the website!  Great things happen when an artist and shop owner collaborate ... my hands and needles fill with luscious yarn ... and I am reminded ... I DO believe!
Do what you love.  Believe.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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