Friday, January 9, 2015

My Mitten Madness + Elvis

While many of my friends and family in the Lower 48 are dealing with severe cold and snow ...
... here in my remote corner of the planet ... we have no snow and yesterday's temps were in the 40's!  I know ... it is crazy!
It is supposed to be mitten season ... Mother Nature just isn't cooperating.  She has a reputation for being ornery ... and apparently is living up to it! ;-)
I've been busy finishing up several pairs of mittens!  These two pair are the design I use when teaching my Nordic Mitten class.
This set is a design I created a few years ago to thank "Quilt Rock Star" Roseann Kermes!  It was fun to redo and tweak this design.  All three sets are knit with Lamb's Pride worsted weight yarn.  I recently blocked all three pairs ... they are completely finished!  Finishes feel soooo dang good ... always worth celebrating!
Only the thumbs remain on this pair ... knit with fingering weight Shetland wool.  So close to finishing and then ...
... a dillydally wind storm hit!  I love this quote from Meister Eckhart ... even in the thirteen hundreds this man knew and understood the dillydally spirit!  Love that!
My DD wind storm hit Wednesday afternoon.  I have learned to drop whatever I'm doing and get it down on paper while it is (literally) bouncing around in my head!
Remember this vintage sweater ... given to me as a gift.  Back story is here.
I was so inspired by it at the time ... I designed and began a pair of mittens.  My enthusiasm lasted about half way up the hand ... I don't particularly enjoy three or more colors in the same row ... yep, it wasn't fun any longer.  Bagged it up and set it aside.  I'm ok when things like that happen ... I truly do trust that eventually it will find its purpose.
And ... yesterday it did!  I undid the knitting begun in September, and started working on the new design ... it felt wonderful!  Plus ... I am loving the results!
What does Elvis have to do with my mitten madness?  He was my mother's celebrity crush ... they were near the same age ... I grew up listening to his music!  It would have been his 80th birthday yesterday ... one of the cable stations celebrated with a marathon of his movies!
 While Elvis was busy racing cars, chasing girls, and singing ... Kysa and Flicka were napping ... and I was busy knitting ... and singing along.  Yep ... I confess ... I still remember all the words to his songs ... thanks Mom!

Do what you love.  Embrace the madness.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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