Thursday, January 22, 2015

Building the Trail - Day 1!

OH MY GOSH GOOD GOLLY!  What a wonderful dillydally day!
Just to remind everyone ... I live in the middle of nowhere.  There are no traffic lights ... or "traffic" for that matter in my remote corner of the planer!  I am familiar with the city of Minneapolis/St. Paul, so when I travel there, driving is relatively uncomplicated and the adjustment comes quickly.  I am completely unfamiliar with Portland ... so the idea of driving alone through Portland scared me silly!  But ... fears are to be faced ... fears do not drive a dillydallier!  Pun intended! ;-)  Truth is ... someone did travel with me ... and helped me handle the stress.
Meet my copilot ... my new travel partner ... best friend ... and lifesaver ... Lily!  Yep, I named her Lily DillyDally.  She is not a silly ... and thankfully ... she was able to direct me to everywhere I wanted to go!  Lovely Lily!
We visited some wonderful women here!
We listened to the surf!
We fondled fabric here!
We were awestruck by the vista!
And this pink building was filled with quilting perfectness!
I have been trying to cover two itinerary days in one on the road.  I am so grateful that I took this trip, because I have already found out that I need to make some major adjustments.  I could fill the entire week with just the coast ... have been busy taking notes ... refiguring ... making alterations ... building a dillydally trail!

Do what you love.  Build a trail.  Do dillyally!
Mrs. DillyDally & Lily  


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  2. I am sew exited for you and your planning trip. Thank you for being the best at what you do in the dilly dally lifestyle. I love your partners name and I hope she serves you well! I imagine your bliss as you take it all in. Stay safe and take care!..........

  3. Lilly Dillydally is great. I have a GPS and seldom leave home without it. It's a wonderful travel companion. Safe travels!!