Monday, January 5, 2015

Keeping It Simple

Simplicity was our intent this holiday season ... and for the most part ... we were successful!
Without the frenzy .... we could relax ... and just enjoy it.  And Flicka ... on my lap while we bask in the glow of the Christmas Tree.
That same evening (12/23) a group of carolers stopped by ... what a treat!  Such a gesture of kindness ... filling our holidays with additional cheer.
Believe it or not ... we did not have a white Christmas!  However we did receive this light dusting on Christmas Eve ... it lasted about an hour! ;-)  And we live where?  Gosh, you would think that living in Alaska would ensure snow for the holidays!  Not so this year!
The past two years neither Sister or Brother DD could be home for the holidays, so we were delighted to spend them with Brother.  Girlfriend DD traveled to visit her family, so we spent a quiet Christmas Eve ... church, Swedish Meatball dinner and a few gifts.  We love working on jigsaw puzzles ... began this one that night and finished it Christmas Day.
Christmas morning we were invited to friends for brunch.  It was lovely.  Came home and opened gifts from Santa then enjoyed our traditional Prime Rib dinner.  Of course we began working on another puzzle!  Flicka is not allowed on the table, so she sits on a chair and supervises our progress!  Too fun!
Girlfriend DD had returned in time to enjoy New Year's Eve!  When our children were young, we always spent this evening with friends who served "Polynesian Stack Up"!  Brother insisted we continue that tradition ... it is delicious!
New Year's Day was a warm (40 degrees) ice free day ... so sweet Kysa and I took a long morning walk!
The kids came for dinner dressed in their new Cobber alumni shirts Santa had brought them!  It is always wonderful to have family members sitting at the table!
Mother Nature gifted us that evening afternoon with a beautiful sunset ... what a glorious way to end a wonderful holiday season.  And because we kept it simple ... we could savor it.

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Lovely holiday memories! No snow here. Yesterday it was 52, today 20. Baby, it's cold outside! Happy New Year!

  2. My 5 adult kids and I had our first "giftless" Christmas and all agreed it made for a calmer, less stressful holiday. Gathering for a meal is what makes it fun & festive for me. A new tradition has been born and accepted.

  3. Thanks for sharing your holiday with us. I always smile when I read your blog!