Thursday, September 25, 2014

Missions Everywhere!

The weather this week has been fabulous ...
... allows us locals to forget all about the 12 straight days of rain we recently had!  Love how life works out that way!  Mother Nature on a mission to shorten our memories!
With weather like this ... it is easy to understand why most of my dillydallying is outdoors!  The mission is to get out and enjoy it!  Oh ... feel like I must confess ... very little housekeeping takes place when the weather is this nice.  There, that feels better.  Thanks for listening! ;-)
A friend gifted me with a couple vintage items ... lucky me!  This is a pillow sham, The applique' was done with a machine zigzag stitch.
There was no fusible available back then ... fabrics are also polyester ... a lot of skill and effort was necessary to accomplish this.  I admire that ... would love to replicate this block ... a gingham themed mission!
She also gave me this tattered and well loved double wedding ring quilt!  It made me weak in the knees when I pulled it out of the bag!
The top and bottom edges are very worn and tattered ... many of the fabrics in the rings have completely worn away ...
... the hand quilting continues to hold the entire quilt together!  Even with the obvious wear ... it is not fragile.  My friend suggested that I cut it up and make it into other items ... but I think I will enjoy it as is and use it lightly ... its mission isn't over quite yet.  Am so grateful and honored that she gave me these treasures ... I love them and they inspire me!
Have moved on to my second set of napkins ... such a great thing to have ready when I have only a few minutes to sew here and there!  Bits of time here and there add up and allow us to complete whatever mission we choose.
Flicka is not showing her face ... this is her "secret agent" look!  ;-)  Yep, we're working on a 007 project!  Actually, she thinks that when she turns her back on me, I can't see her and won't notice that she is sitting on our project!  Such a goofball!  Her mission is to add humor and silliness to every waking moment!
We're channeling Christmas carols while on this covert mission!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. When folks know us a 'quilters' lovely surprises come our way. Do not cut away any of the wedding rings until they fall off by themselves. I hope it is somewhere ti catches your eye every day.