Thursday, September 11, 2014

DillyDallydom Escapes to Middle Earth

When those coastal storms rage outdoors ...
... Flicka and I escape to Middle Earth.  We've finished The Hobbit, The Fellowship of the Ring and are currently two thirds of the way through The Two Towers!
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Currently we are with Frodo, Sam and Gollum on their way to Mordor!  I love listening to audiobooks while dillydallying!  So does Flicka!
I pulled out a half done pillow ... it is a block that I pieced years ago while testing a pattern ... loved the results!  The machine quilting was already done ... I decided to make it into a pillow!  I created an envelope backing ...
... bound the edges ...
... and stuffed it with a pillow form!
Done and on the couch!
Blueberry fabric to honor a friend's birthday ...
... just had to be made into a table runner!
Finished and given for her to enjoy in her home!
Flicka helped pick out some patterns for 007 work.  Everything must meet with her approval!  ;-)
I've become obsessed with making these napkins ...
... I completed eight and cut out another eight!
For my guild's open sew event Saturday, I grabbed a kit that I had purchased last summer in Washington state.  The kit was twenty 10" squares of fabric and this postcard pattern!
How fun!  Wild fabrics ... cut ... and auditioned on the floor!
Before I knew it ... it was pieced!
Flicka loved it ...
... she went wild over it ...
... yep, it is a party quilt!
We entertain ourselves well ... making progress on projects and listening to great literature ... a wonderful way to escape.
Flicka and I listen to Gandalf ... we choose to dillydally with the time that has been given us! ;-)

Do what you love.  Escape.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. What pretty projects.
    Love the pillow!
    What would you do without your little helper? :)

    1. Marilyn ... I cannot imagine DillyDallydom without the supervision of Flicka! She is a treasure!

  2. Maybe I need a storm so I can get things done! I love the pattern you made into the pillow. The blueberry fabric looks delicious. I have been considering getting the pattern for the napkins. They look quick and easy to make. I think Flicka has found "her" quilt :)

    1. Oh Miss Carol ... it is her "new" favorite quilt because it is the top of a whole pile! Flicka's new throne!

  3. I have been thinking about your pillow pattern (block design) all day. Can you tell me the name? I just love it and it must go on my "to do" list.:)