Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Enjoying the View

The coastal climate teaches its residents many things ...
... the first and foremost lesson is to get out and enjoy the view when it is available!  Even Flicka knows to appreciate a gorgeous sunset!
I happened to catch this beautiful sunrise yesterday ... love how even the mudflats reflected the colors in the sky!
Yesterday we took our walk at a different location ... it was beautiful!
I forget to look down ... often the view under my feet is just as beautiful!
Today ... we returned to our usual route.  Every year I love watching the colors on the mountain meadows change.
Mrs. Eagle was resting after a recent meal ...
... the lake is full of spawning salmon ...
... she watched us closely, but didn't fly off.
All the fireweed has gone to seed ... the mountain meadows have changed a lot in the past week.
Love the colors of fall.
Mr. DD and I have already been placing bets on when the peaks will receive their first dusting of snow.  It could be anytime.
The Heney Range, with Mt. Eccles on the right.  I love how the colors begin as green at the base ... turn to a goldish-orange and end in a plum color.  I think I need to translate this into a sweater design ... stay tuned!
The colors in this picture are very monochromatic and understated ... love that as well.
The clouds moved in quickly.  It started raining when we were about 20 steps away from the car.  By the time I got Kysa in the back and I was in the driver's seat, it was pouring!  The weather forecast is heavy rain and strong winds for the next few days!  Am so happy we enjoyed the view today!  It looks like we'll be dillydallying indoors for a bit!

Do what you love.  Enjoy your view.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally 


  1. I enjoyed the views! We are still having summer here in Ohio. Last week it was 90 most days with high humidity. Glad I was in San Fran and Colorado! There was snow on the mountain tops the day we left CO to come back home.

    1. So happy you had a great vacation! Enjoy your summer ... and a fall that lingers! Hugs!