Friday, September 19, 2014

Weather & Wool

 I took this picture on the 9th as Kysa and I began our morning stroll!  A huge weather system was moving in so we went a bit early.  We barely made it ... we had 20 paces left of our 2.5 mile walk and the storm hit.  By the time I got Kysa in the back of the car and myself in the driver's seat ... I was soaked.
 This is the view from our front deck when I returned home from that walk... we had been warned that it was a large storm system ... 10 days later ... we're still in it!  No ... I am not exaggerating ... it has been raining nonstop for 10 days!  You see ... at times like this ...
... dillydallying is really a survival technique!
To cope manage, I have been working on multiple things ... yep, that is normal for me!  For this post, I'll share a small patchwork and wool applique' candle mat I started on Saturday.  It is a kit I bought in August while in Fargo at Rae-Bon Sewing Center.  I had never been to the shop ... a very inspiring place!  I purchased the pattern and kit.  It is designed by Buttermilk Basin and is the November installment of their BOM titled By Thy Hands.
On Saturday I pulled it out ... like all responsible quilters, Flicka and I carefully read the instructions.  With a kit, supplies are limited, so I cut it out with my Supervisor watching very closely! ;-)
Pieces were cut ... let the patchwork begin!
Days later ... the storm continues!
While "listening to the rhythm of the falling rain" I worked on the wool applique' portion of this project.
One day I left my spot to answer the phone ... Miss Flicka turned the project around so that she could plant herself on the wool and take a cat nap!  Yep ... she slept on pins and needle!  What a silly fur ball!
When the handwork was done ... it was time to machine quilt!
Final step ... the binding by machine.
DONE!!  And ready to be used in November!  No matter the size of the project ... a finish always feels wonderful!  I envision Flicka and I doing backflips ... now that would be a site!

We have continued our travels through Middle Earth and now are in the final book.  Currently we are with Aragorn as he convinces the "Army of the Dead" to fight along his side.  A nice way to escape the nasty weather outside!

Yesterday, Kysa and I couldn't stand it any longer ... we ventured out to see the flooding that had been reported.
Scroll back up to the first picture in this post ... this was the same view yesterday.  Portions of the road have been washed out from run off.
This picture was taken before the storm ...
... as you can see, the water level is high.
Part of the dillydally lifestyle is accepting the things we can't control ... and focus on the things we can.  Here in DillyDallydom, we are safe, dry, well fed ... and happy!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. I cannot imagine 10 days of rain. I guess I better stay in OH where the sun does shine occasionally! We have been having beautiful fall weather. Windows open and two quilts on the bed!

  2. Oh, I hope it stops raining soon. :(
    What a pretty candle mat.
    Flicka is just too darn cute.
    I'm glad she keeps you focused. ;)