Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Jillily Experience!

Friday - Potluck and Trunk Show
QBee Valerie and I served as the co-chairpersons of our guild's Fall Retreat this year.  We have been fans of Jillily Studio for some time and were thrilled when Jill Finley agreed to come to Cordova and teach!
Yep ... dillydally dreams do come true!
Jill and her husband arrived in Cordova Thursday evening by ferry.  They had flown into Anchorage earlier in the week and explored some of our great state before arriving here.  What a beautiful day they had to sail across Prince William Sound!
Friday evening we had a "Meet and Greet" event open to the public.  After a potluck dinner, Jill and her quilt rack husband began the trunk show!  ;-)  This is a design from her book that I intend to make ... you all know how I love berries ... I have no choice ... I must make it!
Here's a silly-dillydally fact for you ... since I can remember (about age 3) watermelon has been my all time favorite food!  When Jill pulled this quilt out my knees went weak ... yep, I ordered the pattern!
Another silly-dillydally fact for you ... outside of fall/harvest themed quilts, orange and peach colors are the most difficult for me to work with!  But ... I fell in love with this very orange quilt ... so I ordered the kit!  Yep ... if the decisions concerning orange are made for me ... I should be able to do it!

Along with her quilts, Jill shared with us how important quilting is to her personally.  She reminded us that it is the relationships around our quilting lives that is most important.  Her words were just the encouragement I needed to hear as I travel on this swirly-whirly dillydally journey.  You can see more of her trunk show on our guild blog, here ... enjoy ... her quilts are sew inspiring!

Saturday - Trellis Quilt
My poor quilt supervisor ... while I was packing supplies for the day ... she sat and pouted on our current project.  Look at that abandoned body language ... nearly broke my heart.  We usually spend our early Saturday mornings sewing ... I gave her lots of ear rubs and apologized.  She sure knows how to lay on the guilt ... sheeeesh!
The Trellis design gave Jill the opportunity to teach us several tricks and techniques in piecing and applique!  It was an excellent choice ... for the techniques involved and it is simply beautiful.
I decided to leave my comfort zone and chose fabrics outside the box for a design like this!  I like to experiment and force myself to do things that challenge me ... it is all part of my dillydally nonsense funsense!
By the end of the day ... Jill had taught us new methods for right triangles and hand applique'!  We learned sew much ... it was all sew very valuable!  At the very end of the day, I began laying it out ... it is a bit crazy ... but I think I'm going to like it!  Take a look at what other guild members did here ... their work is inspiring!

Sunday - Overture Quilt
On Sunday morning Flicka decided to change her manipulative tactics.  She is such a smart kitty ... since guilt had not worked the day before, she chose to be deviant instead!  Yep ... maybe naughtyness will work!  She is not allowed on the dining table ... when she does I scold her and clap my hands.  So ... on Sunday while I was packing supplies for the day, she jumps up and begins rolling around ... depositing as much fur as possible on a black, wool applique' project.  She kept eyeing me to see if I noticed what she was doing!  Imagine her surprise when I picked her up, gave her kisses and set her on the floor.  Poor confused and neglected furball!
The Overture class was a half-day class, but Valerie and I opened the classroom early, so those who wanted to could come early and continue working on their Trellis quilt.  I was able to get half of mine pieced together!
Honestly ... I am loving the results!
Photo from Jilllily Studio
By early afternoon, it was time to begin the Overture pattern!  I can't believe I neglected to take a good picture of Jill's sample ... silly me!
For this quilt, I went with fabrics that are far more traditional.  Yep ... back in my comfort zone!  I love Kim Diehl's fabrics.  Sew ... I chose to use her purples and teals for this design.  Turns out that Kim and Jill are friends as well!  What fun!
We could choose either cotton or wool applique' for the center square ... I went with wool.  Fortunately we have a large selection of felted wool available to us at The Net Loft, and I was able to find colors that matched my fabric!  Love when the stars align themselves!  Beautiful creations were made by many members ... check it out here.

Jill's skill and talent is amazing to watch!  After dinner on Saturday, she rejoined us ... just to visit and check to see if anyone needed assistance.  While there, she began designing a small quilt to commemorate her time with us.  It was incredible to watch the process ... it seemed almost effortless.  What fun ... and what a privilege!  Also ... her techniques for hand applique' are the best I've come across in my quilt journey.  I have done hand applique', but never enjoyed the process ... I think that after this weekend with Jill, that has changed!  Stay tuned!
I treasure the time we spent with Jill ... and I am so grateful for the many QBees in my life ... there is so much gained by learning and growing together.  I am so fortunate to live this dillydally life.
Even Mother Nature was influenced by all of our creativity ... here is the beautiful sunset she created Sunday evening!

Do what you love.  Learn & grow.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. I love the colors in your trellis quilt. And the berries, watermelon and floral quilts are beautiful. I can't wait to see your versions. And poor Flicka. I'm sure it will all be fine after a day sewing with her supervision, but she does make it look like she's being abandoned.

  2. All beautiful quilts!
    Love yours with the greens and lavenders.
    And the Watermelon quilt is to die for!
    Poor Flicka.
    Sending her some ear scritches. :)

  3. This is a wonderful post. It challenges those us who piece, design and quilt . You gave us a glimpse of a great network of quilters who are sisters. We all want to be on your guild.