Monday, October 6, 2014

Playing with Linen

It may appear to have been somewhat quiet here in DillyDallydom ... not because I've been feeling lazy ... I have been substitute teaching everyday!
No worries ... Flicka and I have stayed busy in the evenings ... there just hasn't been much time to blog!

In August, friend and The Net Loft shop owner Dotty, asked me to teach a few classes.  I will be traveling in November, so I suggested I teach a class that encompasses multiple techniques ... the fun began Saturday morning!
I love working with linen ... and our shop has an amazing collection for us to choose from.  Most people think that it has to be used for counted thread work, so I wanted to encourage them to use it in other ways.  We are using linen for our embroidery and wool applique' projects!  We used Fray Check to prevent the fabric from raveling unnecessarily.
The goal of this first session was to transfer our design to the linen.
We began by tracing the reversed images provided in the pattern on to freezer paper.
Then we pressed the reversed image to the linen.
Next ... we used the classroom doors ...
... and windows as make-shift light boxes!  Our mission was successfully accomplished by all!
Our next class session is tomorrow night, so in preparation I spent yesterday morning doing some embroidery.
Flicka ... always diligent ... is learning about linen as well!  She also likes playing with the balls of pearle cotton.  She has been very unhappy about my absence everyday ... she stuck to me like glue Sunday morning!  Love my little furball!
While she and I were working on our embroidery, we noticed that guests had arrived for breakfast ...
... Mr. and Mrs. Blue Heron decided to dine not far from the front deck.  Both Flicka and I enjoyed watching them!   Playing with linen was a wonderful way to dillydally this weekend!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally 

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