Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lesson Learned!

Yesterday I learned a very valuable dillydally lesson!
Because I hadn't accomplished any chores the day before ... Kysa and I left a bit early and went to our usual walking location on Eyak Lake.
What a wonderful morning ... the sun just beginning to hit Power Creek Road.
Notice that the lake has become clear and normal in color  again ... because it is cooler, the glacial melt has slowed and there is less glacier silt in the lake.
The spruce trees are wearing their bronze crowns ... you may have noticed in recent photos that the evergreens appeared somewhat golden.  The cones really do affect the color of the landscape this time of year.
I'm always amazed at how many cones a single tree produces!
Kysa and I found a bit of frost ... first of the season for us.  A spot the sun hadn't hit yet!

A beautiful morning ... cold in the shade ... warm in the sun!  Absolutely wonderful!

But ... we couldn't linger long!  That long list of "have to's" was waiting for me!  We jumped in the car and headed for home.

Life had other plans ... the road crew was putting in new culverts ... we could not cross until the job was finished ... in a couple hours!
I quickly assessed our situation:

  • We were warm and dry.
  • We were not starving.
  • I had my cell phone for emergencies.
  • I had coffee and Kysa had access to fresh water, we would not die of thirst.
  • I had a very comfortable lawn chair in the car.
Things were looking pretty good ... we could relax on the lakeshore while we waited for the road crew to finish their work.  Except ... I was missing one very important fact ...
  • I did not have handwork with me!

There is no way on earth that I could just sit and wait that long ... I would make myself crazy!  You have to understand that I am famous for dragging some sort of handwork with me everywhere I go ... yep, friends and family often make fun of me for that dillydally trait!  However, I don't normally bring anything along on our walks!  Lesson learned!
I parked the car ... Kysa and I walked the shoreline to avoid the road crew ... and Mr. DillyDally came to the rescue and took us home.  See that piece of shore that juts out into the lake ... that is the beach where I could have happily spent two hours dillydallying!

Yep ... I will never leave the house without handwork again!  Who knows?  Next time I could end up marooned in the grocery store ... the possibilities appear to be endless in this very silly dillydally life of mine!

Do what you love.  Always have handwork in tow!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally 


  1. Hooray to Mr. DillyDally for coming to the rescue. I think I would have sat in the lawn chair and absorbed the sunshine!

  2. you are so cute! love reading your blog and love all the pics!

  3. You live in a beautiful place. Beautiful places make beautiful people.

  4. Great pics.
    Glad you were rescued.
    I always take a project with me in my car also. :)

  5. I feel like I was right with you on that morning walk. I love your pictures and you inspired me to get out in nature today . . . and take some "hand work" just in case!

  6. Beautiful day! I always enjoy your posts!! (PS-I have been thinking of you as I am preparing to make a pillow quilt for my sister to take with her to N.Ireland this spring!) :)