Sunday, June 30, 2013

Review - Last Week of June!

The last week of June ... my first week back since the trip south ... it was a fun-filled and busy week!

Family Events

Brother DillyDally - Kindergarten
This 5 year old ... turned 25!  Twenty years went by in an instant!
Engagement - 1981
Mr. DillyDally and I enjoyed our 32nd Wedding Anniversary!  Again ... the years went by in a blink.  We are grateful for family events that are a cause for celebration!  We are blessed!

Friends and New Acquaintances!

QBee Barb came for a visit and while here ... Princess Lianna dropped by with her mother to introduce herself!
I was unable to take any pics of the Princess with her mother ... when her mother holds her, she insists on nursing!  Too fun and so cute!
I was also very honored to meet this little Prince ... Ty!  What a little charmer!
Both of the mothers are close childhood friends of my daughter ... I had the privilege of watching them grow up ... and now celebrate with them as they begin families of their own!  So wonderful to catch up with them and share in their joy as they begin the journey of motherhood!

Patriotic Projects
I love making seasonal projects!  However, I do have a difficult time working on them outside of the season ... so ... this week it was all about the "Red, White and Blue"!
I continue to mess around with a crochet hook ... had fun making "granny hexies"!  Hope to work them into a table runner.
Also made some progress on this embroidery project.  Haven't decided if it will be a wall quilt or pillow ... eventually it will let me know what it is to become.

Flicka is now nearly 18months old, so we are allowing her to spend more time outdoors.  She loves it!  Her outdoor antics are just as entertaining as her indoor silliness!
 My flowers are thriving ... I enjoy these ... they are such happy flowers!  It is as if they're smiling!
A wonderful week ... filled with family celebrations ... new babies ... longtime friends ... creative efforts ... gosh, I appreciate this dillydally life!
Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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