Thursday, April 29, 2010

Travel Advice

I love my life as Mrs. DillyDally...dillydallying helps me maintain my mental health (notice...I didn't say what kind of mental health...hee-hee) and brings balance (okay...I know that is a matter of opinion...geeesh) to my life.  In "real" life, I'm a high school teacher and I love that part of my life as well.  I am very actively involved at the state level of a professional teaching organization...which I also love.  How great is life is filled with all that love!  But loves come in conflict with one another.

This is a picture of sunrise over the Chugach mountain range from my hotel room in Anchorage, Alaska.  I took it Wednesday morning at about 4:30 am.  I've been here all week for a professional conference.  It is a great conference...I'm loving it...but while here I have a lot of responsibilities (why else would I be up at 4:30 taking photos?) is under these circumstances that dillydallying is no longer an alter becomes a necessity.

You see...when the very things I love are in conflict with one life loses balance.  After nearly 53 years of living this life...I've learned what throws it off balance...what I'll need to regain that balance...and how to pack for it!  The "Mrs. DillyDally Survival Kit" is always packed for any trip I might be taking.  It doesn't matter what kind of trip it, pleasure, long or short...if I'm leaving home...I leave with a survival kit.  The Mrs. DillyDally Survival Kit must include the following:
A major project that can be worked on in the early morning or late evening hours.  This is the cardigan that I'm knitting for Sister DillyDally.  Major projects require more concentration which allows me to escape the reality that may be causing me stress.
A second major project that requires a different skill...because I might get tired of the first major project...especially if it is a trip that lasts a week or more.  This is that hand applique block for my Cobblestone Lane BOM...gosh...I need to do a ton of travel in order to get these done... ;-)
The third project must be one that requires little or no small and light...and is easily carried in my purse.  This is the second of a pair of socks.  I always have socks on needles for all the reasons listed, a person can never have too many hand knit socks...your feet are in heaven when wearing them.  
And survival kit is complete with out chocolate...must have both dark and milk chocolate!  And it must be good quality chocolate...I love the subliminal message of this brand of chocolate...GO DIVA.  A dillydallyer should always feel like a diva when traveling...don't ya think?

There you have it...there are no secrets...this is how I survive when I travel.  Not only does it allow me to survive, but most importantly, it enables me to continue loving the many aspects of my life.  Happy travels!    

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