Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring is here! I think.

This was our view this morning at 6:00 am...the hope of a clear spring day.  We're getting ready for the annual Shorebird Festival in our small community.  It is always fun to watch the migration of birds each spring as they work their way farther north to their summer breeding grounds.  A definite sign that spring has arrived!
Mother Nature kept her promise...the day remained clear...and warm.  Most of the ice has melted on Lake Eyak.  Kysa and I decided to take a walk late this afternoon...soaking up the sun and seeking more signs of spring...we found them!
Skunk Cabbage...always the first wild plant to sprout and bloom.  Who said Mother Nature doesn't have a sense of humor?  The first sign of spring smells like a skunk...yes it is her version of a cruel joke! ;-)
The blueberry blossoms were thick and leaves are beginning to sprout!  My camera does not take close up photos well...they were so beautiful...bright spring green color with pink flowers...a favorite color combination for many quilters.
More pink and green...salmon berry blossoms this time...in July they will have turned into large berries that range in color from a light peach to a deep red...looks like we might have a bumper crop!
After all that running around in the sun looking for signs of spring, Kysa decided to cool off in the lake.  She is still wearing her winter coat...so that very cold water probably felt good...but it is far too cold for those of us without fur coats!
Kysa and I had a great time dillydallying with Mother Nature this afternoon.  She has kept her promise...and her sense of humor... ;-) ...all the signs suggest that spring truly has arrived!  I think!  The day ended as beautiful as it began...I hope that spring has arrived in your corner of this planet...and that you have time to dillydally with Mother Nature too!

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