Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Results of Dillydallying on a Whim!

As you might recall...I spent much of Mother's Day dillydallying on a whim...what a perfect way to spend that day!  Let me begin with the objects of inspiration...
It was three years ago that I accidentally stumbled upon the Minnesota Shop Hop and bought this commemorative bag.  I loved the retro 1950's stylized fabric and it was extremely inexpensive.  What surprised me after using it was how much I liked its size.  It is the largest of any bag I own...its about 18x18x5 inches.  Perfect for taking supplies to quilt gatherings, I'm always amazed at how much I can pack in it.  It is very simple in its construction...so has no closing at the top.  The drawback is that my things often get wet...I live in a temperate rain forest after all... ;-)
Two years ago I attended the Valdez Quilt Festival.  We received this bag as part of our registration.  Its dimensions are about 15x17x4 inches.  It has a zippered top and is made with heavy canvas which I love!  On the downside...it is just a bit small.

Sooo...what I tried to do is make a bag that had the characteristics that I love from these two plus add some of my quirky personality!  Here it is...drum roll please...
You have to admit...it is pretty quirky!  I found this fabulous fabric last summer while traveling...it is a hoot...I had to buy it even though I had no idea what I'd do with it!  The bottom of the bag is made with vinyl fabric that we got free from one of the Minnesota shops last summer.  Now I don't have to worry about the bag getting muddy...I can just wipe it clean!  The bag's dimensions are 20x18x6...just slightly larger than the other bags.  It has pockets inside to hold rulers and other tools...as well as a zippered top!  It's not perfect...but I am excited to use it and see how it works out!  I had fun making it...it reflects my "out of the ordinary" personality...and I found a use for this fun fabric!  Dillydallying at its most enjoyable!

 On a local note...the commercial fishing season for salmon started last week!  Yummm...our mouths begin to lather in early May as we anticipate the coming of the season!  We are not commercial fishermen but fortunately we have friends who are.  They shared some fresh Copper River King with us...
...food doesn't get any better than this...it just melts in your mouth.  Mr DillyDally grills it with our secret sauce...it is to die for!  I'll end this post with a picture taken from our front deck as the fishermen were returning to town...the tide was out...but the fish are in!
Don't forget to leave a comment on the May 16th post!  I'm celebrating my 100th post with Give-A-Way!  Happy Dillydallying!  

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