Sunday, May 30, 2010 of life's milestones...

I am in beautiful Bemidji, Minnesota.  The home of Paul Bunyan and Babe, his blue ox.  Many happy childhood memories were first experienced here in the shadow of Paul and Babe.
Traveling down memory lane is not the primary reason I'm here...this handsome young man is one of  the real reasons I'm in Bemidji.  This is my nephew, Shane who graduated from Bemidji High School yesterday! 
Shane is the oldest son of my "baby" brother, Eugene and sister-in-law Sue.  I just couldn't resist adding the fact that he is my youngest is a compliment to refer to him as my baby brother... ;-) our age anyway! 
The ceremony was held on the Bemidji State University campus.  Here we are with Sue's mother, Helene, waiting for the ceremony to begin.
Shane had 325 classmates graduate with him.  The ceremony consisted of several musical performances as well as speeches.  It was interesting to see how another school conducts their graduation ceremony after 20 plus years of participating in Cordova High School's.
 The reception was held at their home just a few miles outside of Bemidji.  It is already summer here ... it was a gorgeous day ... mid 80's with a breeze ... perfect!
The party was set up in their garage ... it was cool and shady ... yet people could choose to be outside if they wanted ... great idea to hold it there!
Minnesotans know how to celebrate ... they prepare terrific food ... and love to socialize!  There were people of all ages ... all having fun and celebrating Shane's accomplishments!
This is one of those 007 projects I've been working on ... a quilt for the new graduate.  My mother was not a quilter, but a neighbor, Flora Wallin was, and Mom always had her make us a quilt for graduation and weddings.  It was important to me to continue that family tradition ... the pattern is "Slide Show" by Terry Atkinson and is made using the 2009 Minnesota Shop Hop fabrics.  It was machine quilted by Sheryl Glasen in Cordova.  I'm really pleased with it ... Shane is a Minnesota boy in everyway ... and the design and fabrics are timeless ... he will never out grow it!
My brother inherited this antique school bell from my grandfather.  It originally hung at the Alida Country School, where I attended grades 1-6.  Grandpa would always ring it on New Year's and other special occasions ... here Shane is ringing it to celebrate his big day!  
I'm so happy that I was able to be here for this family event ... it is important to celebrate life's milestones together.  Shane will continue to make all of us proud ... his future is filled with promise ... it will be a pleasure to watch him travel along life's journey ... I wish for him every happiness! 

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  1. Congratulations to Shane! Looks like a great celebration. I love the quilt and the bell. The quilt will be cherished forever, I know.

    Safe travels!

    Susan in North Pole