Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Double the Fun!

Sunday was double the fun at the DillyDally household!  It was Mother's Day of course, but it was also Mr. DillyDally's birthday!  Every Mother's Day for as long as we both can remember,  Mr. DillyDally prepares Eggs Benedict for brunch.  We decided to keep that tradition and for his birthday I would make a dinner of his choice that evening.  All day long...he just couldn't decide what he wanted...late in the afternoon he finally settled on...homemade spaghetti!  Now...I know what you're thinking...what's the big deal?  It was a big deal...you see...I hadn't made him spaghetti in the past 26.5 years!  The only spaghetti sauce that man has gotten since then has come from a jar!

Mr. DillyDally grew up in a suburb of Chicago...a Scandinavian...surrounded by Italians.  He loves Italian food, especially spaghetti.  When we were newlyweds, I would make it often.  Here's what happened...while pregnant with our first child...one afternoon I was busy preparing a long simmering spaghetti sauce...I lifted the lid to stir the sauce...looked down as the small air bubbles rose to the surface and popped...and became immediately sick!  That was it.  I couldn't bring myself to even eat any kind of red Italian sauce after that!

Now...we all know you can't raise children without feeding them spaghetti...on a regular basis.  So...I made spaghetti, but it came from a jar...and I would have either Parmesan cheese or soy sauce on my noodles.  Just recently (in the past 5-8 years) I've been able to put sauce on my noodles...I won't say that I like it...but I can keep it down.

His request put me in a panic!  It was late in the afternoon...there wasn't time to make my 26.5 year old recipe...what is a loving wife to do?  Well...America's Test Kitchen crew came to the rescue via their Family Cookbook!  Mr. DillyDally enjoyed a homemade spaghetti dinner...and you know what...it wasn't half bad!  Now watch...next year he'll probably request Lasagna!  Humph! ;-)

Other than the spaghetti challenge...I accomplished a lot this weekend!  On Saturday, I took one of my "undercover" projects to one of our local long arm quilters.  Gosh it felt good to hand it to her...I have the binding ready and should be able to finish that gift in time.  On Sunday, I put the borders on this mystery quilt we made earlier this year.
It too is ready for the quilter.  Sister DillyDally and I are attending a quilting event while I visit her in Minnesota, and I am to bring a lap size or larger quilt ready to be bound.  I guess we'll see if I can pull this off...my longarm quilter is especially busy this time of year...I'll keep you posted!  Don't you just love dillydally drama? ;-)

I had the quilt done by noon...so decided that since it was Mother's Day I would dillydally on a whim!  Here's a hint of what I'm doing...
...I am making this project up as I go...there is a good chance it won't turn out as I envisioned...but...I'm having fun!  And you know what?  Dillydallying should be fun!  Now...go dillydally...have some fun!

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  1. I have a quilt you could bind at the game if yours isn't ready :)