Sunday, April 25, 2010

Covert Dillydally Missions Continue!

OMGosh...I really wouldn't make a very good spy...working undercover is very isolating...I find it very difficult to keep secrets...and I always forget who is supposed to know what and who isn't allowed to know anything.  Life has a way of being complicated anyway...covert actions multiply the complication factor by at least 100! Graduations are a month away...births are two to three months away...that is a long time for me to be secretive...I guess time will tell whether I'm successful or not!  Stay posted!

James Bond has "M" to supervise his covert missions...Teacup / "T" supervises all of my dillydally missions, covert or not.  She is much more successful at being sneaky than I can ever hope to be.  She communicates her approval of the mission by rolling over the entire surface.

"T" communicates that the mission is progressing  appropriately when she washes her face while I work towards accomplishing the covert project.  My gosh...I've been dillydallying for more years than I care to would think I could manage with a little less supervision...but than again, James Bond has been spying even longer and he still has supervision... ;-)

On Wednesday of this week, we had snow and hail.  Winter is having trouble letting go here in our corner of the planet.  Thursday was clear and Kysa and I drove around Eyak Lake.  Most of the ice is gone, but some remains.
This is the Heney Range from the city side...lots of fresh snow up top...the heli-skiers are staying later this year...they love it!
Mt Eccles with fresh snow...
It was a beautiful day, but still chilly.  This is the sunset on Thursday...taken from the front deck...the tide was on its way out. 

I hope you enjoyed a week of dillydally...and were able to share it with the world!  The name is DillyDally.  Mrs. DillyDally.  ;-)

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