Sunday, April 11, 2010

Montana Cartwheel Turns at Full Speed!

We began the second day of Montana Cartwheel around 10:00 am with renewed energy and enthusiasm!  Peggy taught us how to construct the primary block...

...and then the "wheels" really started spinning!  Take a look!

Soon it was time to begin placing the blocks on the design was exciting to see how they will look once sewn together!

While the wheels were turning in the cartwheel class, others were creating treasures in the "Loose Ends" session.  These QBees were very productive...take a look!
Well...I have to run...Peggy will be teaching the Hunter's Star class today!  Of course I waited until this morning to finish cutting it out!  I'm looking forward to another day of learning new skills...surrounded by QBees...dillydallying to our hearts content. is good!  More later...

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