Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hunter's Star is a Hit!

Today we explored the Hunter's Star pattern with Peggy.  Once again she took all the fear out of the eight pointed star...taught us several tricks...and made it easy. was fun!  Here she is showing us how to square up a quadrant of the block.  See how everyone is focused on what she is saying and doing?  Some were standing on chairs to get a better view...I love it!

Those of us who had taken the Montana Cartwheel were glad we had scheduled that class first.  The Hunter's Star was less demanding in terms of fabric choices...level of difficulty...and...amount of concentration. 

Pictures are worth a thousand is obvious that everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves.  Everyone that was...but me.  UGH!  Let me explain...two years ago I took this class from another a different community.  My misery was and is absolutely no ones responsibility but my certainly was not the fault of that instructor.  I took the class on very short notice...had limited fabric resources available to me...during that class I only completed one block...and enjoyed the pattern, but not the fabric combination.  I returned home...unpacked...and never looked at that quilt project again.  

Last week I pulled it out to prepare for guessed it...two years later I didn't like it any better.  The truth is I really like the floral fabric, but not the one I had paired it with.  But my "Lutheran guilt" got the best of me and I told myself that I needed to "buck up" and use it.  QBee Diane told me today that I need to listen to my inner voice...she is right, of course...but the Viking blood that travels through my veins can make me very stubborn.  Soooo...I forged forward...knowing all along that I wouldn't like it...but telling myself that it might surprise me...well it didn't.  I finished a block...not only did I not care for it...I hated it. 

QBee Valerie could tell immediately that I was upset.  She started seeking solutions right away, gosh I could have hugged her!  Together we decided that I should enter in a third color...cranberry red.  I know my stash, so I rushed home to get some.  When I returned, Valerie suggested that I make the entire eight pointed star red...I completely agreed...consulted with Peggy..and I was back in business.  Here are the results...
The blue block on the left is the original one I tried to make work...obviously it was hopeless.  The one on the right is the solution...and not only do I love it...but I'll actually complete it!  With the assistance of caring friends and an excellent instructor we were able to "turn a lemon into lemonade"!  Life was good again and I plan to be a better listener when it comes to my inner voice. ;-)

It was great to see everyone's blocks...they were all inspiring...take a look!
QBee Valerie offered to hand applique the cranberry fabric over the star points on my first block...I really do have the most wonderful friends...but I declined.  I think I will hang it up in my sewing a reminder.  I need to be reminded to listen to my toss that stubborn attitude treasure the friends I find hope when things look hopeless.  It was a good lesson in humility.

What a wonderful weekend...lots of learning...lots of dillydallying...QBees everywhere!  I hope yours was the same!


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