Saturday, May 2, 2015

I am a Farm Girl!

Today, May 1st, is my mother's birthday!
My parents, 1973
She was a farmer's wife ... married to a dairy farmer.
Mom & her four chicks.  We'll discuss my (age 8) hair style later ... very long story!
Her life was busy with four children, a huge garden, a herd of dairy cattle, crops to tend, 4-H to lead, and Sunday School to teach!  And that is the tip of the iceberg ... I marvel when I think about all she accomplished every day!
Three generations of farmers ... Mom made my (age 10) cowgirl outfit!
My farmer father, took over the farm from his parents.  His brother and parents also worked on the farm.  Our farm was filled with family and it took everyone working to make it productive.  I loved our life on the farm!
College graduation, May 1979
While in college, I really missed my family ... and farming.  Even though I attended a small college, living and working on a campus with three thousand people was a huge adjustment for me.  I always believed and dreamed that in my adulthood I would return to farming.
Alaska bound - July 1979 - everything I owned was on my back!
After college I took a job teaching in Alaska and had every intention of returning home in two years.  That was 36 years ago.  Little did I know when this picture was taken, that I would never live a life filled with agriculture again.  Even this many years later, I miss farming.  But in my heart ... I am still a farm girl.
Easter 1978
Since I am no longer able to celebrate my mother's birthday with her, I try to think of some way to honor her in my heart.  My mother's death in 2006 was a catalyst for the development of the "dillydally lifestyle" I promote!  She continues to inspire me every day!
Earlier this month, I preordered Lori Holt's new quilt book, Farm Girl Vintage!  It had won my quilter's heart even before I held it in my hands!  Once it arrived, I knew that I would make the sampler ... so many of the designs reflect parts of my childhood on the farm!  I even ordered a fatquarter pack of fabric to add to my stash!
Then ... a few weeks ago, Lori announced that she would be having a Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along!  And that it would begin May 1st!  Yep ... Mom's birthday!  The perfect way to honor her this year!  Every Friday, as we work on a new block, memories of my life on the farm will resurface ... oh the fun!
I pulled fabrics from my stash Wednesday evening!  I have been pressing and cutting for two days!  I stuck with a bright colored palette of green, yellow, orange, pink, blue, red, turquoise, and violet.  I'm using navy and grey as my neutrals and a white polka-dot on white for my background!
After looking through the book, I cut a strip of different widths from each fabric.  That accomplished a bit of "pre-cutting" so that I can just pull a strip of the fabric I need rather than having to go through a pile of fabric each week just to cut a 1.5 inch square.  Miss Marshmallow and Mr. Brown Bunny were actively involved in the fun! ;-)
Flicka isn't allowed on the dining room table ... so she pouted by sitting in her recliner on her throne with her favorite quilt!  Don't worry ... we played a lot of fetch, hide n' sneak, and ambush while I prepared fabric!  And she received kitty treats and loads of affection!
A good friend and I went for a long walk this morning ... we talked about our mothers ... and felt them with us.  Today was a wonderful day!  Happy Birthday Mom!  Am so happy you raised me as a Farm Girl!

Do what you love! Honor your Mother!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally 

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  1. Thanks for sharing the pics of your farm family and life.
    What a great tribute to your Mother.
    That quilt will be so cute.
    That Flicka is too cute too on "her" quilt. :)