Sunday, May 3, 2015

Farm Girl Fun!

It's obvious ... I am so in love with these bright colors!  Honestly, I have a very eclectic palette ... when I look back over my history with textiles ... there is no one "style".  Those dillydally winds blow ... and on a whim, I find myself buried in a project!
I had such fun digging in my stash and pulling out these bright colors for my Farm Girl Vintage!  I kept the palette very similar to what Lori Holt used.  When I think about my childhood on the farm, these colors represent how I viewed life at that time!  I had a wonderful childhood (although far from perfect) ... I was surrounded by love ... a very busy and productive life!  Happy fabric is perfect for this project and what it means to me.
I left these strips laid out on the table for as long as possible!  Nearly all weekend!  They are sew dang cheerful ... I am head over heels happy with them!
My sweet taskmaster finally insisted that I start using those fabrics and piece the first block!  Yep ... Flicka is in charge!
The book gives instructions for both 6" and 12" blocks!  Lori's instructions are very clear and accurate ... a pleasure to use!
The "Apron Strings" block was finished very quickly!  Yep ... it wasn't enough ... I wanted to do more!  Dillydally winds blew and I flew on the whim with it!  But that's a windstorm to share in a future post!

Do what you love!  Catch the wind!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Absolutely led by fabric! Summertime brings out the brights for me and I really like your choices today.

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