Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Farm Girl Fun - Week 2

How did it come to be Wednesday?  Here I am ... only two days away from the third installment of Lori Holt's Farm Girl Sew-A-Long ... past time for me to share last week's DillyDally Farm Girl episode!

Remember the super nasty coastal storm we had last Friday?  It was documented in my post about Mr. DD's birthday surprise!  After the excitement ... I came home and like all farm girls everywhere ... I got busy!
My brain is wired to think thematically ... yep, that is a word.  When those who know me well read this, they will have a gigantic eye roll!  It's true and they've lived it!  I cannot help myself!  This project has my brain flooded with memories of growing up on our dairy farm.  I first met Annette when she was on the Mickey Mouse Club ... as a tween I dreamed of living in Malibu and dating Frankie!  Friday, I pulled out my collection of their beach movies and got busy on week two of Farm Girl Vintage.
While Annette and Frankie were busy trying to make one another jealous, I cut out blocks two and three.  Lori has a super cute way of organizing her blocks while cutting and organizing them.  Someday I plan to use her idea and make some, but for now I will use the technique that has served me well forever ... paper plates.  Hey ... it works!
Here are the finished 6.5 inch blocks on their respective plates!  Making do ... it is what we farm girls do best! Hee-hee!
Autumn Star Block - Week 2
Baby Chick Block - Week 2
My Farm Girl Vintage quilt thus far ... so much fun wrapped up into these little blocks!
Sister and I went to Malibu during my visit in February ... here we are enjoying a seafood lunch with Malibu beach in the background!  Yep ... Annette and Frankie were part of the conversation!  I love how this girl completely understands her mother's quirks!  As a little girl, growing up on a dairy farm in northern Minnesota, I never dreamed I would actually visit Malibu one day ...
5.12.15 Sunset @ 10:11 pm
... but then, as a young girl I never even imagined that one day I'd live here ... back then I didn't even know that Orca Inlet (Bay) existed.  Oh ... how I love the way life works.

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally
FYI  Annette and Frankie get back together at the end of the movie!  Just in case you didn't know! ;-)

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  1. What pretty blocks.
    I too grew up with Annette & Frankie.
    Love those movies, and all of the old Elvis movies too. :)
    Thanks for the great memories.
    Hmm, need to find some A & F movies on DVD now. lol