Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Life on Spin Cycle!

It has been crazy busy ... living on spin cycle ... just the way we like it here in DillyDallydom!  We enjoyed a fun packed weekend!

I made and delivered a pan of caramel rolls to thank the Welding Class for building the river skiff for Mr. DD.  All five boys are seniors and Friday was their last day of school!  I had them in class when I was teaching, so know them well.
It was fun to visit with them once more before they begin their adult lives.  A great group of guys ... led by a terrific teacher and personal friend!
Next I was off to the garden supply store to get plants for my deck containers!
Pansies and Daisies ... such happy faces that will smile for us all summer long!
This graduate's family hosted her celebration Friday evening!  I had all three of their children in my classroom over the years, and Chandelle is their youngest!  Such an honor to watch children develop into the individuals they are meant to be!  I look forward to the next chapter in this young woman's life!
About 10:00 pm, I finally had a chance to think about my blocks for Farm Girl Friday!  While cutting them out, I decided to cut out the next 8 blocks as well!  My thinking was that then I wouldn't have to bring out all the fabrics for the next few weeks!  Yep ... call me lazy ... ;-) ... or maybe efficient!
I pulled out more paper plates and got it done.  Each plate is labeled with the block number and the book page the directions are found on!  I hope to find time to piece last week's blocks before this coming Friday ... wish me luck! ;-)

These cheerful tulips greeted a friend and I as we enjoyed a latte'!  Tulips are such happy flowers, they always make me smile!
A large portion of Saturday was spent at a paper crafting event!  I am working on a heirloom recipe book!  I am so inexperienced at this, but our organizer/instructor is very talented!  What a blessing!
Marianne was paper crafting too!  She also brought a recently finished quilt in so that we could see it before it was gifted to a very lucky little girl!  Adorable quilt that was lovingly made!
Came home that afternoon to find the the leaves on the deciduous trees are uncurling themselves!  Finally ... it's getting greener by the minute!
Spent more time working on design ideas for Brother's sweater ... will share details as I get closer to the Gansey event!
The graduation ceremony took place early in the evening!  This new graduate was in my classroom every year ... she is the daughter of a former student ... and she is exceptional in many ways.  We attended several receptions that evening ... such a privilege to celebrate with families as they enter this new chapter!  I love beginnings!

Our local quilt guild hosted their monthly Quilter's Anonymous meeting Sunday.  Girlfriend DD was busy working on her blocks ... those are my Orca Bay blocks on the ironing board with her!  It was fun to see her and catch up a bit ... she and Brother are living on "spin cycle" as well!  Fortunately our spinning went in the same direction for a few hours! Hee-hee!
Sunday evening we had three couples over for a potluck dinner!  I must have been spinning as I neglected to take any photos ... finally remembered when we began to serve dessert.  A wonderful evening filled with friendship ... potlucks make it so stress free!  We all agreed that we should do this more often!
After everyone left, a young eagle decided to perch near our deck.  We did a quick check to make sure Flicka was indoors!  Such drama!
Sunday proved to be greener than Saturday ...
... and many summer residents have moved back into the neighborhood.

I'm so dizzy, my head is spinning
Like a whirlpool, it never ends.
And its you world making it spin
You're making me dizzy! 

Do what you love ... while spinning!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. Great projects and pretty flowers.
    I bet the guys loved the Cinnamon rolls.
    I remember that song! :)