Monday, April 27, 2015

Oregon Bound!

A large portion of every day here in DillyDallydom ...
... is spent dreaming about working on The DillyDally Trail trip!  Seven courageous quilters have chosen to join me!  Now that the participants are known, I've been busy tweaking arrangements and reservations!

Meet the DillyDally Pioneer Women!

The Sassy Stitchers from southern Minnesota ... QBees Maureen, Karen, Carol and Sharlene!
Metro QBee Mary Ellen, from the Twin Cities!
My QBee partners in crime, Barb and Terry!
And then there's the Fruit Loop Trail Boss ... me!  See?  When I refer to these women as courageous, I'm not kidding!

First "Make n' Take"
When I organized the Minnesota Shop Hop in 2011, I made everyone luggage tags using MN themed fabric.  While in Oregon, I couldn't find fabric specifically "Oregon" themed ... sew ... this dillydally brain went to work!
I am taking these women off the tourist trail and we are going deep into "real life" cowboy country ... bandana and wagon trail themed fabric "seams" to fit the bill perfectly!
Each pair of roommates will have the same colored bandana fabric tags ... making organizing luggage easier while checking in to hotels every night!  At least ... that's the theory! ;-)
Flicka has a hard time accepting that I'm the trail boss of this trip, she is used to being in charge ... as evidenced in this picture.  She is in a bit of a pout about the trip... as she wasn't invited to tag along!  I explained that she was needed ... at home... to supervise Mr. DD in my absence!
Two tags were made for each traveler, one for each suitcase...
... and one for their tote bags.  On the trip home they are likely to be checking two bags ... ;-) ... just saying!
Sixteen tags ... all done!
These boots were made for walkin' ... through fabric shops across the state of Oregon!
A brown paper bag ... stamp and ink ... denim themed tape ... faux leather fringe ... became cards to congratulate them for their bravery welcome them to the DillyDally Trail! ;-)
Mailed and delivered today!  I'm so excited ... sometimes, here in the privacy of DillyDallydom ... I literally squeal with delight!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally
P.S.  Am looking for a good pair of oxen.  Must be strong enough to pull 8 women and their fabric.


  1. OH! I cannot wait to meet up with you all!

  2. I can't imagine all the fun you ladies will have and all the neat treasures you will find. I'm majorly envious!

  3. Yippy Ki yi yay, get along stitchin sisters..........Everything was adorable in the package. You are sew clever and sew thoughtful! Thank you, thank you........

  4. Looks like a fantastic time.
    Hope you have good weather for your trip.
    Your ideas are clever.
    Have a great time, and a safe trip!