Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My 3rd Birthday!

My Momma is in Anchorage running errands ... Pop stayed here with me.  I miss Momma when she is gone ... but Pop is more generous with kitty treats ... so it's all good.
On April 6, 2012, I adopted the DillyDally family.  It is a good thing I showed up when I did ... they needed me!  We refer to that date as my birthday!
I took to blogging like a fish takes to water.  Yummy ... I love fish, especially salmon.  I have it every morning for breakfast!
This was the first time I met "Her Majesty" ... it is Momma's favorite picture of me.  Now that I'm three, I have become a very experienced quilter.
Here we are a year later ... this was taken near my first birthday ... I grew a lot that first year!  I was just an overgrown kid ... still a kitten.
At two (human years) Momma referred to me as her teenager kitty ...
... she always tells me I am full of catitude!  Of course I am ... I'm supposed to be ... my mom can be such a wingnut! ;-)
Now I am three ... and I consider myself an adult ... mostly.  Case and point ... recently Miss Marshmallow invaded my space while Momma was working on her patchwork.
I introduced myself and clearly communicated what the expectations were if she wanted to share my domain.
See?  I thought I handled that very maturely, like an adult.  The two of us celebrated by napping while Her Majesty and Momma made progress on their piecing.
Happiness is a full tummy, a clean litter box, a soft quilt project to lay on, a ball of yarn to rest against your head and lots of rubs and loves from your family.  Yep ... life is good here in DillyDallydom!  Momma will be home on Thursday ... I hope she remembers to bring me a new toy (hint-hint).  I'm so glad I chose this family ... Happy Third Birthday to Me!

I always do what I love.  You should too.  Do dillydally!


  1. Happy Birthday Flicka!
    You are such a pretty girl, and a great helper too. :)
    I think you picked the perfect family.

  2. Happy Third Birthday, Flicka. Love your blog post!