Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Bunny Hop Continues!

Mother Nature appeared to have lost her calendar this past week ... five days of constant snow, sleet, rain and high winds ... ;-) ... I'm not really complaining ... it is the reality of coastal living.
Sew ... here in DillyDallydom, we've been surrounding ourselves with spring ... bunnies in particular!
In January, I picked up a copy of the spring issue of Quilts and More ... was thrilled to see another wool applique' pattern by designer Roseann Meehan Kermes.  Guess what arrived in the mail?  Roseann surprised me with a kit!  Look how she packaged the kit ... total cuteness!  Lucky me!
Sew ... I pulled out my stash of pearle cotton and got busy.  I love doing wool applique', but my least favorite part is tracing and cutting out!  A kit with precut pieces is a bit of handwork heaven here on earth!  I put the little pieces in a reusable container.  Flicka has taught me to keep little pieces of anything in a container ... I have learned to repurpose containers of all kinds! ;-)
I started with the eyelet border and flower.  The wool is hand-dyed ... yummy, soft as butter ... excellent quality!
Next ... time to work on the bunny!
I loved dressing the bunny ... it did require a bit of problem solving.  I did not have a color of pearle cotton that matched the bunny's ribbon.  They were either too blue or green ... so I used a contrast color ... easy fix!
Once the pieces were sewn down, it was time to finished it by layering it to the backing.  The kit provided white wool ... thick and luxurious ... making the buttonhole stitching fun.  Yep ... I said fun! ;-)  Just a reminder ... the magazine contains the pattern and directions , so a kit isn't required.  
I love working with my favorite dillydally math formula!  High quality supplies + a well designed pattern + your handwork = Happiness!
Mr. Brown Bunny appeared to be lonesome ... he needed a companion!
I used the same worsted weight yarn, but went down another needle size to create a firmer gauge.
Meet Miss Marshmallow Bunny!  She is a cutie!
They have become very good friends.  I have put the Easter eggs away, but these two bunnies are not for Easter only!  They get to stay and play all spring and summer!
All three bunnies enjoyed having a private bunny hop this morning!  They bring happiness ... such dillydally fun!
Roseann with Alaska QBees - 2011
I met Roseann quite accidentally in 2008 ... my goodness ... what a blessing she has been in my life!  I visited her shop while on a bus tour and we have stayed in touch ever since.  She is a positive force and passes that on to others ... such a pleasure to know and call a friend!  
Roseann also sent me three of her new patterns ... what fun!  And a reflection of her generous heart!   I sew appreciate having her in my dillydally life!
Just a couple more close up photos ...
... because ... I love my pretty bunny!  She makes me smile!

Do what you love. Do hop!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally  

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  1. Oh, that Bunny mat is soooo cute.
    Love your little knitted bunnies too!