Friday, April 3, 2015

DillyDally Wrangler!

One of the most difficult lessons in life?  Admitting that we are not in control!
Yep ... "Her Majesty" is back and healthy!
To cope with chaos ... I have developed a few wrangling skills.  I'm especially pleased with my recent efforts at corralling the quilting rulers!  After 30 years of quilting, I have quite a collection of multi-purpose and specialty rulers ... in all shapes and sizes!  My sewing space is tight ... I had been using a peg board, but it was too small to accommodate them all.  A better solution was necessary!
I was inspired by an idea I came across online ... you can find it here.  Sew ... I pulled out a few yards of cotton canvas I had in my stash ... measured the door ... pulled out all my rulers ... created miles of brightly colored scrap binding ... and got busy!
It involved a bit (quite a bit) of problem solving ... customizing it to the rulers I use ... a good brain teaser!  Now that it is finished, it looks simple ... just pockets, right?  Another example of how life can appear unfair!  Mr. DD has assured me that he understands all the decisions made behind every pocket ... size ... weight distribution ... etc.  God bless that man!
Bottom half ... large and long rulers were the most difficult.
Of course, there are a few things I would do differently, if I make another one.
Top half ... small and odd shaped rulers.
But for now ... this version is working out great!
Tabs across the top.
I wanted every ruler to be partially visible ... so was challenged in how to store very small rulers.  They are so easily lost and expensive to replace.  I came up with the solution of binder rings and twill tape tabs!
 It has been hanging for about a week ... and is working out very well!  Yep ... I feel I qualify as a Quilt Ruler Wrangler ... plan to add that title to my resume'!  ;-)
I would be a billionaire if I had the secret to wrangling cats ... especially when they are naughty around dangerous objects.  Sewing rooms can be a very unsafe place for kitties when they feel mischievous!  One of my tricks is a large plastic shopping bag holding a small item that she wants.  She watches me place it in the bag, and then I place it near where I'm working.   Flicka is also a problem solver ... ;-) ... and as long as her challenge is located near me, she will stick with it until the item is captured.  We're both tenacious like that!  Great minds think alike! ;-)

Do what you love.  Wrangle when you can.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. What a great idea.
    Love the pic of Flicka.

  2. What a great idea for storing rulers! I have a small sewing room and all my rulers are thrown in a drawer or sitting in the wooden ruler rack. This idea would give me more room for material. Yea! Flicka always makes me smile! Thanks for sharing.