Saturday, September 18, 2010

From Scraps to Treasure

Gosh ... with going back to work ... the Valdez Quilt Festival ... it has been yet another week filled with a flurry of activities ... it was sooo busy in my little corner of the planet this week, that I wasn't even able to participate in some of the events that I wanted.  Those kind of choices are tough on a dillydallier!  ;-)  And I didn't even have time to blog!

When I returned from Valdez last Saturday, there was a big box waiting for me!  I was so excited when I saw who it was from ... Jubilee Quilting Services!  I met "Mrs. Jubilee" aka Randi Helling at the Minnesota Twins Game/Quilting event in June.  You can read about it here.  Her husband had the seat next to mine ... I drove him crazy (Randi says I didn't, but she is a very polite person) with all my silly questions (yes, it was my first time at a major league game), in conversation she shared that she had a long arm quilting company and we were both huge Terry Atkinson fans.  Randi was actually tacking down the binding on a top made by Terry A.!  Yikes!  Can you imagine?  The Thrill!

 I also got a thrill when I opened the box ... look at the wonderful way Randi packaged it ... like opening a treasure!
Teacup immediately took ownership ... even before I could get it out of the bag!  I went to grab the camera so it would be ready when I unfolded the quilt ... and there she was ... she was not a happy kitty when I made her move!
Scrap quilts are so busy ... I always have a tough time deciding how they should be quilted.  Randi gave me excellent advice ... and helped me by offering options ... her expertise really paid off ... I am thrilled with her workmanship and the design she helped me choose!  I wish I knew how to take pictures that would really showcase Randi's talent ... her quilting is amazing!
I had prepared the binding when I did the borders ... so wasted no time in sewing it on.  Teacup not only supervised ... she had to be intimately involved in the process ... she was very naughty.
Teacup was such a pest ... I couldn't help but mess with her a little bit!  ;-)  This quilt is 96 by 104 inches ... so the hand stitching will take me a while!  My hope is to have it finished in time for our guild's quilt show.  I'll let you know who eventually wins the war over this quilt ... Teacup ... or ... me.  Want to make a wager? ;-)

Don't you just love it when things add up together in a way you never could have imagined?  Just look at the math... 
   Twenty plus years of floral remnants 
+ a Terry Atkinson quilt design 
+ vacation to visit daughter 
+ Major League Baseball Game/ Quilt Event 
+ sit by husband of new QBee 
+ you and new QBee meet "Quilt Rock Star"
+ new QBee quilts your scrap quilt

Gosh ... I'm always amazed at where my dillydally lifestyle will lead ... I'm grateful ...



  1. This is so cool! I had no idea you were having Randi do your quilt. I love that all these connections have been made. Too much stinkin' fun!!

  2. Pins on the floor galSeptember 22, 2010 at 1:56 PM

    Your quilt is so pretty. Randi and I are in our local quilt guild and she does lots of beautiful work. I'll share a link to your post with our guild members so everyone can see your collaboration. I hope you'll show a "finished" photo, too.

  3. It was great fun to work on your quilt. Ken and I loved the photos of your cat helping you. Our cat, Milo, is part of the family. (meaning spoiled rotten) He is not allowed in my studio, but he does sometimes check out the quilts. He can always tell if the quilt has had a cat helping with the piecing of the quilt.
    As always,I enjoyed your blog.

  4. AND...I was there visiting you when you started this quilt!! It is SO beautiful!!