Sunday, September 12, 2010

Valdez Quilt Festival - Day 2 & 3

Friday (Day 2), of the festival was a long one ... classes began at 9:00 am and we left at 11:30 pm ... yes ... long, but wonderful! 
Sheilah Crum (Instructor), QBees Valerie, Terry, Julie and Barb
Four of the QBees and I spent the morning and afternoon in a Machine Quilting class taught by Sheilah Crum.  Sheilah was so down to earth ... made everyone feel comfortable ... her style of teaching really helped us all face our fear and anxiety ... in order to give machine quilting a try.  She demonstrated for us the basic principles of design behind all kinds of quilting motifs.  I really found that to be valuable.  When I can break a design down into simple steps, it really helps.  
This is the third machine quilting class I've taken in the last 15 years, and it is not a skill that comes easily for me.  I have no intention of quilting large projects, but I like knowing enough to quilt my own table tops and small wall quilts.  Sheilah did a great job of bringing out the best there was in each of us ... I got a serious case of the giggles ... it was pretty obvious that my best wasn't very much!  ;-)  We had a ton of fun and felt comfortable expressing our humor!

Classes ended at 4:00 pm and the Mystery Quilt Sew-A-Thon began at 5:30!  I think I overheard one of the organizers say that 94 quilters elected to participate!  The temporary walls were removed and we took up the entire "Ballroom" space!
QBees Barb and Lila
A quilter in Valdez created the pattern ... I think her name was Trudy, sorry I don't have her last name ... there were a total of 12 steps. 
QBees Julie and Terry
It was well designed ... there was no way to guess what we were making!  Love it!
Anchorage QBees Cyndi, Kathy and Terry
My sewing table mate ... QBee Valerie!
The organizers hosted a sandwich, salad and dessert bar through out the entire evening!  People could snack, visit and sew at their own pace!  Ninety-four quilters and no two alike!  Love it!

Above, are two optional layouts for the blocks that are made in this mystery!  That just increases the fun!  Some of the quilters did finish ... we, Cordovan QBees dillydallied ... it was just too fun ... I love it!

We giggled into the wee hours of the morning, so 9:00 am class Saturday (Day 3) morning came quickly!  Four of us had to leave on the ferry that afternoon, so we checked out of the hotel before classes began.  
QBee Julie and I took a class called Triple T: Tips, Tricks and Techniques taught by Lisa Moore.  Lisa is from Sitka, Alaska and is a rising "Quilt Rock Star".  After taking her class, she deserves to have rock star status! 
I had to snag this photo from her website because we had to leave class early on Saturday to catch the ferry for our return to Cordova.  I don't ask instructors to allow pictures during class to protect their copyright stuff ... and usually take one at the end ... but we weren't there at the end. :-(   I'll be honest ... I hated leaving her class early ... she was such a wealth of information ... and so willingly shared it!  If I ever have a chance to take classes from her again, I will!  And I highly recommend you do to!  She is incredible! 
It was hard to leave the festival early ... they had a show and tell / dessert event Saturday evening and a full day of classes on Sunday.  You know me ... I hate missing out!  ;-)  But it would have meant missing another day of work on Monday.  We left sunny Valdez ...
... tired, but very happy ...
... and found ourselves blanketed yet again in fog ... no chance of scenic pictures again ...
... but as we came around the last island before arriving in Cordova, we left the fog behind.  This was the view from my front deck when I got home ... it was a lovely way to end a remarkable trip!

The quilters in Valdez host this statewide festival every two years.  I can only imagine the amount of work involved!  I am so grateful for their efforts and look forward to 2012!

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