Sunday, September 26, 2010

Little Bits

Professional obligations have me so busy (I'm not complaining, I actually love my job) that dillydally time has been very limited.  So when I have a few minutes ... I do a bit of this and a bit of that ... just little bits.

Fall arrived about four weeks ago and is nearly over ... yep ... a QBee saw a light dusting of snow on the mountain peaks on Friday.  We all know it is coming ... we can feel it in the air ... we can even smell it!  So I decided I had better share a few pics of summer ...
... I tried Straw Flowers for the first time ... they held up well considering the terrible weather we had this summer ... they will be permanently on my list every spring.
I can't recall what the purple plant is ... I tried them for the first time last year ... they too, are very strong and do well with the very wet and cold summer we had.
Red geraniums are my absolute favorite summer flower ... many memories of the farm and those I love are attached to them.  With the weather the way it was ... nice blooms like this didn't happen until mid August.  The plant was beautiful ... just not enough sun to produce many flowers.
I've probably mentioned before that our humble home is built on pilings ... hence no yard ... the tide actually comes in and under our house twice every 24 hours.  When the tide is out (above picture) our front yard is referred to as "tidal flats".  The green in this picture in a very microscopic plant that grows on the surface of the mud ... in the fall it turns to this very bright green.  
This is a picture of my front yard as the tide was coming in.  Mother Nature is responsible for all of the DillyDally's yard work!  We love it!
 I knit year round ... but when fall hits the drive to knit becomes even stronger ... of course I have multiple projects at various stages of completion ... but there is nothing like celebrating the season by starting a new sweater!  ;-)  I have adored this little duck sweater ever since I got the book, The Best of Lopi, by Susan Mills and Norah Gaughan.  So a couple of weeks ago, I decided to take the plunge and make it!  So far, I have completed the body and most of one sleeve.  I can't wait until I get to the little ducks ... I am having far too much fun!  Knitting is a great way to dillydally when I only have brief bits of time because it is so easy to pick up and put down.  No ... I have no idea who will receive it ... I just had the urge to make it ... responding to a whim ... that's the dillydally way! ;-)

It was a wonderful weekend here in our little corner of the planet.  Lots of beginnings ... the first grandchild of some dear friends was welcomed into the world ... the new father a former student.  Two marriages also took place ... both of the brides and grooms were former students.  The best part about life in this remote little town is the connection I feel with those I share it with ... everyone is like an extended family member. 
Yes ... fall is nearly over in Alaska ... every season here can be a little extreme ... but whatever the season there are constants in our lives.  I make dillydallying a constant in my life ... I encourage you to do the same ... try it in little bits!

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  1. Love that sunset! Beautiful!

    Snow is coming any day now. I wake to 15F and have to turn on the space heater to take the chill out of the air.

    And yet, there's a small part of me that is excited about frosty trees and moonlight reflecting on snow and the quiet crunch of my boots when I walk the dog.

    Remind me of this in March, when I'm complaining. *grin*

    Enjoy what's left of your autumn.

    Susan in North Pole