Tuesday, September 28, 2010


OK ... lets just say that this whole concept of blog hopping is just too darn fun!
I was so inspired by Gudrun's post yesterday on color that immediately after work yesterday I grabbed Kysa and we went out the road to take some photos and get some exercise.
As I mentioned in my post on Sunday ... fall is coming to a close here in our remote corner of the planet.
Yesterday's theme of color on the blog hop made me miss the mid-western fall colors of my childhood ... the colors in Alaska are a bit more muted ... but lovely just the same.
The theme today on the blog hop is scent ... also on Sunday's post I mentioned that I could "smell" snow.  I heard what you were all thinking..."This Mrs. DillyDally is a bit loony!"  It's ok ... sometimes that is a true statement ... I have no hard feelings ... ;-) !  But yesterday morning ... Cordovans woke to ... snow on the peaks!  And yes ... everyone in town could smell it!

Today, Sandy Gervais of Pieces From My Heart fame is the featured designer.  She shared a pattern called Pumpkin Spice ... it is adorable ... I already know where it will hang in my house!  Terry Atkinson shares an Apple Pizza Pie recipe that I can smell just thinking about it!  What fun!  I hope you all are enjoying the blog hop like I am ... what a wonderful way to dillydally!


  1. Occasionally, we in Minnesota can smell snow, too! :-)

    Mary Ellen

  2. I made mine yesterday and should have posted a photo for you. It's on facebook if you want to see. It was fun, quick and easy.