Friday, September 3, 2010


Not long ago, I mentioned that Mr. DillyDally and I were going through some boxes that were packed 26 years ago when we moved to Cordova, the post referencing that is here.  The giggles that book brought to the surface lasted a good week!  It still makes me giggle every time I think of it.  What I didn't mention then, is that I also found something ... I had completely forgotten about ... something that causes me to pause ... and seriously reflect ...
Yes ... it is a garbage bag filled with yarn ... bought 30 years ago this summer ... in Iceland.  The original purchase included three times this amount of yarn.  It was bought on a whim ... yep ... even back then I was a dillydallier ... just didn't have a name for it.  At that time my knitting experience was limited to a pin cushion I had knit in elementary school.  I wasn't even sure I remembered how to knit when I purchased the yarn. ;-)
Thirty years later ... I knit all the time ... and always have multiple projects in progress.  I design many of my own projects and can create just about anything I have a mind to ... I have loved the journey.
But this Icelandic wool represents so much more than my evolution as a knitter ... it involved...
... international travel
... world  politics
... military strength
... indigenous people
... environmental stewardship
... outdoor adventure
... cultural differences
... conjugal love
The summer of 1980 changed the course of my life in every way ... the values developed and decisions made during that time have stitched together the life I enjoy today.  Much to contemplate ... a bit overwhelming ... many stories come to the surface ... to be told at another time.

Embrace your history.

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