Friday, February 19, 2010

President's Day 2010

I love three day weekends...time to get those "have to" tasks done...and ample time left over to dillydally!  This year President's Day also happened to be QBee Valerie's birthday...we both had the day off from work...woo-whoo...much to celebrate!  For her gift, I made Terry Atkinson's Tag Along always the directions were easy to follow...which made it fun to make!  It will be the perfect bag to take on a quilt shop hop...hint...hint...I keep trying to get my QBees to join me at the Minnesota Shop Hop...maybe in 2011!

I gave her two choices on how we could celebrate her birthday...she and her family could come for a birthday brunch on Sunday or she could come for brunch on Monday and we could dillydally together!  I'm so happy she chose to dillydally!  Last summer a group of Minnesota designers had a "Blog Hop" and Valerie and I followed it daily and made some of the projects.  We especially liked a bag that was highlighted on a July 3rd post on the Pieces of Work blog.  In August I visited that shop...of course I bought the pattern and grommets...Val's birthday seemed like the perfect time to make them.
Here's Val...sewing at my dining room table...Teacup insisted on taking up most of her chair!  I think Teacup was jealous...she doesn't like to share...and we were celebrating something other than her existence! ;-)  
Our bags in progress.
We sewed...we munched...we solved all of the world's problems...we accomplished a lot.  Washington and Lincoln would have been proud...I'm sure they took time to else could they have solved the problems of their day!


  1. We're counting on you to bring your friends to the Quilt Minnesota shop hop! Lots more fun planned this year and the fabric is fabulous!!

  2. Don't forget to put pictures of the finished bags. I'm excited to see them...and then make my own version :)