Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How I spent Super Bowl Sunday!

Now...had the Vikings been playing in the Super Bowl, I would have spent the afternoon in front of the television like millions of other Americans.  But I'm not one to waste much time on what should have been...well maybe just a little... ;-) ...I got over it after a few days.  What's a heartbroken Viking fan to do?  I know...teach a quilting class!
You might remember...this candle mat was a kit I purchased at Emily's Country Cottage in Bemidji, Minnesota.  Emily's instructions included hand piecing...I don't enjoy hand piecing much so I had machine pieced it using "Y" seams.  Our local quilt shop has the same guessed it...several people wanted to make one.  My dilemma do I credit Emily for her creativity...and use her ideas to teach a piecing skill?  I struggled with it...and decided to charge the participants in the class a fee to be paid to Emily...whew!  Now I could teach the class and sleep at night!

Busy QBees...we could care less about the game!

Fussy cutting takes a lot of concentration!

Preparing for those "Y" seams.

"It's not as hard as it looks!"

Accuracy is everything!
A new version...we love individuality! Hee-hee!

Nearly done...and smiling!
Eight "Y" seams...lots to smile about!

More smiles...

Big smile...

Standing tall and all smiles!

You know you've had a good time when you leave with a beautiful smile like this one.
Thank you Emily for inspiring a great Super Bowl Sunday!  I know we had a better day than the Vikings!  Maybe they should take up dillydallying in the off season.  ;-)

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