Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

My Knitting 101 class met for their second lesson yesterday at our local yarn shop, The Net Loft.  Most of them had completed the project for the first lesson and were ready to begin the second one.  As you can see...they are all taking their knitting very seriously...hmmm...we cannot have too much of that...I'll have to figure out how to infect them with the "silly-dilly" virus.  I've gone to extreme measures in the past...once we all did disco line dancing!  They have all caught on quickly...the best part of teaching is watching them take off with whatever you taught them...this group will create great things!  And I'll have even more KBees (Knitting Buddies) to dillydally with!  I love it!

Speaking of knitting...

...I've made progress on Sister DillyDally's cardigan.  The body is done, now I need to move on to the sleeves.  Mr. DillyDally and I are serious Winter Olympics "junkies" I hope to get a lot of knitting done while we watch them on TV.  Don't you just love the Cable sweaters the Olympians wore to the opening ceremony?  
I immediately went on line to see who designed them...Ralph Lauren...they're wool and cashmere...and...are $425.00 dollars.  I almost choked!  I'm sure there are knitters out there in cyberland who are charting the pattern at this very moment!  I'm counting on it...I'm pretty adept at charting nordic color patterns, but not cables.  
Gosh...I'm I can't decide...should I knit the olympic sweater or the quidditch sweater for Brother DillyDally...some decisions in life are very difficult!  I guess I'll let him decide...of course I think he'd be especially handsome in either of them!  
Of course we show our love for one another daily in multiple ways...gestures of kindness...encouraging words...patient listening...shared laughter...a gentle touch...a soft prayer.  Do we need a national day to celebrate love?  Some say yes...others no...does it matter?  Not really...but even if it only reminds one person to appreciate those that love has served its purpose.
Valentine's Day was always special when I was growing was also my father's birthday...he would have been 80 years old today.  He always went to town that day and bought us each a heart shaped box of candy.  Every year when merchants put them out on display, I think of him.  I cherish those memories.
Happy Valentine's Day!  Appreciate those who love you...return their love wholeheartedly!

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