Thursday, July 30, 2015

Happy Trails!

In all honesty ... I love planning just about anything!  Creating and organizing The Oregon Trail was the fulfillment of a personal goal and dream ... but evolved into a journey far greater than that.
Truth is ... it's not really about how you get there ...
... or even where you're going.
It really IS about those who are "in the wagon" with you while on the journey!  These women have courage!  Think about this ... they signed on to an adventure with someone who refers to herself as Mrs. DillyDally!  Now ... that is fearless decision making!
We enjoyed eight days of togetherness.  We shared 90+ temperatures ...
... ate our meals together ...
... shopped together ...
... goofed around together ...
... and we celebrated together!

Others enriched our experience as well ... each bringing a blessing to the overall journey!
Some of my family members joined in the fun too!  I had a brief but wonderful visit with an Aunt and Uncle!
My first cousin (literally & my first friend) along with her family entertained us with lunch, gifts ...
... and central Oregon hospitality in her home!  It was lovely ... as are her daughter and grandchildren!
An Ohio QBee joined us for two days ... such a thrill to meet her in person and have actual face time with one another!  We met through our blogs a few years ago!  I love this picture of her ... by an Ohio Star quilt ... of course!
And then there is this QBee ... she willingly signed on as my roommate for the entire trip!  She was fantastic!  Anyone who spends 24 hours a day with a wing nut dillydallier like myself deserves a medal for her courage!  And no ... I am not exaggerating!
Friends truly are like flowers in the garden of life.  And that garden is more beautiful when there is diversity amongst the blossoms.
I am so grateful for everyone who added to our journey along The DillyDally Trail ...
... but especially to the seven brave QBees who embellished this journey beyond any dream imaginable!  They provided more than I could ever plan or dream of ... each a blessing in the garden of my dillydally life!
Do what you love.  Happy Trails!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. I am so happy I got to join the trail! Here's to the next adventure!

  2. Thanks for posting all of the pics.
    I've enjoyed your Dilly-Dally journey.