Sunday, July 5, 2015

DillyDally Trail - Day 1!

 After years of dreaming ... and months of planning ... this adventure has begun!
Portland was the destination today for those who are taking the DillyDally Trail!
I was ready ... Cowgirl Nelly assisted in assembling a few items that might be necessary on the trail.
Nelly is waving and says, "How-Dee"!  She packs a rifle to protect us and brought her own wagon!
All five of the Minnesotans arrived before noon ... they were rounded up and placed in the wagon van.  Time to hit the trail!
Our first stop was The Pine Needle Quilt Shop!
Such inspiration!
Every color ...
... under the sun!
I was thrilled to see their Bee in My Bonnet display!  Look at The Farm Girl blocks hanging from the ceiling!
They had this Quilty Fun quilt displayed on the bed!  Love seeing their version of these patterns!
This stunning quilt is The Farmer's Wife!  Absolutely amazing!
This was their Row by Row design ... Oregon's trees and water!  Perfect!  I am so excited to be participating in the Row by Row for the first time!
Our second stop for the day was a great shop, Cool Cottons!  A small shop filled with treasure!  I marveled at their selection ... such a fun and happy atmosphere!
Their Row by Row design involves the amount of precipitation Portland receives through out a year!  Genius idea!  Creatively done!  Loved it!
Thankfully I had deliberately planned a light day ... factoring in that everyone would have flown and two Alaskans yet to arrive.  But mostly I am grateful because ... lurking in our day came the unexpected ... our van was making highly suspicious noises ... the last thing we need is to have mechanical issues later on along the trail.  We returned to the rental establishment and traded for a different vehicle!  Whew!  So grateful to have discovered the problem while still in the city!  The cowgirls were very patient about the interruption in our day ... I appreciate them already!
After shopping ... van swapping ... and 97 degree temperatures ... we were ready for a relaxing dinner!  We enjoyed great food and a fantastic atmosphere at the Kennedy School Courtyard Restaurant.  It was just what us weary cowgirls needed!
We ended the evening with our "Hoot about your Loot" evening ritual!  Lots of treasure has already been secured!

Late tonight our Alaskans arrive!  Then our posse will be complete!  We hit the trail early tomorrow, leaving Portland at 6:00 am!  Yep ... cowgirls like their coffee and we will be making a stop along our way to Oregon's coastline!

It was a wonderful dillydally day as we got to know one another better and begin our journey!

Do what you love.  Live the dream!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Thanks for taking us on day 1 of your trip.
    Can't wait to see more.
    The mountains in the background are awesome.

  2. Thanks for showing the Row by Row from each shop! I collected those patterns when we visited Shipshewana. Such a fun idea. Happy trails!!

  3. Wow! The inspiration at The Pine Needle is wonderful. I love seeing what others do with patterns I have. The row by row for Cool Cottons is perfect! Glad you got the vehicle troubles out of the way. See you soon!

  4. Joyce in WisconsinJuly 6, 2015 at 9:14 AM

    It's so fun to be able to follow the antics of my friend Mary Ellen! Looking forward to pictures from the rest of your trip!

  5. What a fun adventure! Moving on to read about Day Two!