Saturday, July 5, 2014


Some decisions are life altering.  While in the process of developing my dillydally lifestyle seven years ago, I made the decision to surround myself with those who influence others in a positive way.  That decision has brought some amazing people into my life!
Meet my amazing friend Mary Ellen ... she is a dillydallier ... she totally gets it!
An unexpected package arrived in the mail on Thursday!  Mr. DillyDally asked me what I had ordered ... hee-hee ... now, why would he ask a question like that?  He thinks he is so funny!  When I checked the return address ... I got super excited!  It was from Mary Ellen, so I knew it would be fun!
A package tied with "cow" themed ribbon!  Be still my heart!
Multiple packages ... each with a personal message!
OMGosh!  If I lived in Minnesota, I would "sew" be a member of the Mixed Sampler Quilt Guild with Mary Ellen ... Joyce would be a new friend ... and I would compliment Joyce's husband on his incredible talent!
Yes!  I would have gone to the Minnesota Quilters' quilt show!  Love how she actually wrapped the gadget inside the packaging!
Hmmm ... Mary Ellen, I need a personal demonstration on how to use this!  You need to visit my remote corner of the planet!  Soon!
Oh how I miss the Minnesota Shop Hop ... wonderful memories!  Love the bobbin ring of color ... this is exactly what the QBees and I use for our hand appliqué!  It will be put to good use!
Mary Ellen uses her sewing talents for many charitable purposes.  I enjoy seeing the things she creates for fundraising events!  If I lived there, I definitely would have gone to the Nettie & Friends benefit!
Mary Ellen has such a fun sense of humor!  Those who work with our hands are always in need of hand lotion ... I will think of her every time I use it!
 I laughed out loud when I opened this!  This fabric is hysterical!  There is nothing like it in my stash!  If you would like to be in on the joke, look here!  I really am a fruit loop ... memories of that morning still make me giggle!  Easter hasn't been the same since!  I will save this fabric for just the right project!
I would be a member ... because I would be Mary Ellen's permanent shadow!
I have seen quite a bit about ZenTangle on the internet ... and was very curious.  Well ... we all know that I could use what the book promises ... increases relaxation, improves focus, and enhances creativity!  I look forward to closely checking this out ... looks like such fun!
A new magazine!  Found in a quilt store!  You bet I would have purchased it!
I love the Missouri Star Quilt Company!  How is it possible that I didn't know they published a magazine?  Oh ... that's right ... I live in a remote corner of the planet ... that's how! ;-)  I will be soaking these up over multiple cups of coffee!
I could only imagine the treasure found at a Textile Center's garage sale!  When I opened this ...
... MY. HEART. STOPPED!  Literally ... I could not breathe!  What wonderful and inspirational books ... they make my heart sing!
A handmade card ... with warm wishes for my recent retirement!
Did you notice that the wrapping paper had three themes?  Dogs (in honor of Kysa) ... cats (in honor of Teacup & Flicka) ... and congratulations (in honor of my retirement)!  Such fun!  Such treasure!
I first met Mary Ellen while attending a quilt event held at a Minnesota Twin's game in June of 2010.  Such a fun event, can read about it here.  I was seated next to her friend Randi's husband ... we chatted and they began following my blog.
Mary Ellen (left) & Randi (right)
In 2011, she and Randi met up with the QBees and I during our Minnesota Shop Hop Adventure!
Kindred spirits all ... we had such fun together!  Precious memories.  Details found here!
In 2012, Mary Ellen and Randi took me on a personal shop hop.  It was such fun visiting some of their favorite shops!
We had the opportunity to visit Rock Star, Roseann Kermes, in her studio ... she had sponsored the baseball event where we had all met!  We ended the day visiting their homes ... I met their husbands and fur babies ... and I got to explore their quilting studios!  Such a treat for me!  You can visit too!  A very special day!
Did you notice that she began every note with ... If you lived here ... ;-)?  Mr. DillyDally is convinced that she is trying to get us to move "there"!  I suggested that maybe we could spend our summers in Alaska and winter in Minnesota.  Lots of retired Alaskans winter over somewhere else!  He gave me that look ... the one that says, "maybe my wife really is a fruit loop"!  Well ... think about the fun I would have following Mary Ellen around ... who cares about the snow and freezing temperatures!
Two years ago my daughter's career moved her to the west coast ... so I no longer make annual trips to  Minnesota.  As happy as I am for my daughter, I miss the friends I made there in the land of 10,000 lakes.  How fortunate I am.  I have a friend that doesn't allow time or distance to affect our friendship.  Mary Ellen's kindness and generosity is reflected in the gifts she sent.  I am overwhelmed and touched by her thoughtfulness.  However ... the true treasure is Mary Ellen!  I am humbled to have such a friend.  Mary Ellen is a blessing in my life.  I am so grateful.

Do what you love.  Be a blessing!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. All of these treasures say, "I know you!" And what deeper desire of the heart is there than being known and understood and remembered? Mary Ellen is one in a million.

  2. She certainly is! Friendship is a true treasure! Thanks Suzanne!

  3. Wish I looked taller and thinner in that picture by the door, ha! Thanks, Terri, it was lots of fun putting together the box. Enjoy your retirement! Oh, the gadget is used to turn under the edges of those tiny hexies without burning your fingers! --Mary Ellen

    1. I will never be able to thank you enough for your thoughtfulness! I keep trying to come up with reasons to travel to Minnesota ... will keep you posted on my plans! Take good care my dear friend!

  4. Wow! What an awesome parcel of goodies from such a wonderful treasure of a friend. Good friends are so important and can be treasures that last a lifetime. I am intrigued by the zen tangle book so I'm off to look it up.
    Also loved your last post with the glacier and the bear, and of course flicker.
    Keep up the dilly dallying with blessings, Trills.