Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Drama or Trauma - DillyDally Style!

First of all ... lets list the facts!
Fact 1:  We are empty nesters ... there are just the two of us ... plus one cat and a dog.
Fact 2:  We are your typical couple of Scandinavian descent ... reserved ... private ... sensible. (well, we're mostly typical!)
Fact 3:  We live in a remote (you can only travel here by air or by sea), very small fishing community.
Fact 4:  We live in a very modest, small home on the tidal flats here in Prince William Sound.  Our house is on pilings ... when the tide is high, it comes up under our house.
All of these facts add up to one thing ... boring!  Yes, our lives should be entirely uneventful!

I woke this morning at 6:00 am under completely normal (and boring) circumstances.  My usual routine ... start the coffee ... feed the cat ... greet the dog ... open the window shades to welcome the day.  Nothing out of the ordinary ... until ...
... I saw this on the beach.  Do you see what I saw?  The tide was just receding ... I could not believe what I was seeing ... so I got Mr. DillyDally's binoculars ...
... my worst fears had been realized!  Human remains had come in with the tide!  OMGosh Good Golly!  I thought I was going to have a heart attack ... I couldn't breathe!  I immediately called the police ... explained to the dispatcher what was on our beach ... she was so patient as she talked me through my hysteria.  She explained that this was more common than I realized.  What?!?  There is no officer on duty at 6:00 in the morning (because this is a boring community, it isn't necessary!), and that it would take about 20 minutes for him to arrive as he would have to be gotten up and dressed.  I immediately realized that I wasn't dressed either ... hadn't told Mr. DillyDally ... and ran upstairs to accomplish both!
I turned on the lights in our bedroom and started yelling telling (yes...I was speaking in a very loud voice) Mr. DillyDally everything that was happening and that he needed to get dressed before the police arrived ... as I was dressing!  He didn't move ... what was the matter with him?  Suddenly I noticed that his body was shaking underneath the quilt ... about that time, he couldn't contain himself ... he was laughing!
Talk about confused ... once again I could not breathe!  It was hard to understand him ... but finally he explained that the skull was made of styrofoam and that the dogs in the neighborhood had been playing with it on the beach last night!

I couldn't decide if I should be angry or relieved ... I was so confused and filled with adrenaline!  Then I realized that the police would be coming ... to investigate some type of Halloween prop left by dogs on our beach!  I ran downstairs (yes ... half dressed) ... called the dispatcher again and attempted to explain.  Of course ... she was very polite and kind ... I'm sure she thinks I'm a fruit loop, don't you?  I don't even want to think about the conversations that will be going on at the police station.  Remember ... things here are pretty boring, this will be the talk!  And to top it off ... in our weekly newspaper the dispatcher report is printed ... yep ... my drama will be printed for all to see!
To prevent anyone else from having the trauma that I experienced, I insisted that Mr. DillyDally pick it up and put it in the garbage.  I can't leave this Easter post with such a ghastly photo.  This is what I did with the remainder of my Easter morning ...
... it is an Easter tradition that began back in high school during my Luther League days.  I made plenty to share with other couples who also have an "empty nest" this holiday.  The nicest thing I can say is ...
I hope your Easter was boring!


  1. My Easter was waaaayyy more boring than yours. And for this, I am grateful! And harumph....where are my rolls!! :)

    The girl will be here on May 21st for the excited!

  2. my you do lead an exciting life...LOL...xoxo KA

  3. you almost made me spray tea all over my pretty laptop with this one!! what a riot mrs. dilly dally - to have been a fly on the wall...

  4. Oh dear! I must admit, I was horrified when I saw the glad that I continued reading!! I am still trying to understand about finding skulls "more common than one would think"--uhhhh, HELLO...sure hope I never find one!! Glad the rest of your Easter was uneventful :)

  5. Oh my! I was glued to your blog hoping that it wasn't someone you all knew! LOL Glad it was only a halloween prop!

  6. LOLOL!! Oh my that is too funny! It's a good thing you are a sensible person by nature. Could you imagine if someone as high-strung as myself would have found that?! hee hee Poor Mrs. Dilly Dally :S