Sunday, April 10, 2011

Finally...A Sure Sign of Spring!

Wow!  It was a busy weekend ... filled with friends, fun and decent weather!  ;-)
This (Sunday) morning ... clear skies and very cold ... yep, the battle continues! ;-)  Mother Nature gained some control ... by the afternoon we had temps in the 40's!

On Saturday ... the DillyDally's were busy catching up on housework, I attended a college class,  we went to a wedding reception, and then hosted a birthday dinner party for a friend and her husband!  Yes ... it was crazy busy, but crazy wonderful!

Remember this pile of loveliness?
I'm so glad I didn't throw it out!  The birthday girl is a QBee ... so I transformed it into a ...
... centerpiece for our dinner party!  I'm sure that Martha Stewart and her peers would gasp in horror, but I love it!  It is such happy fabric!  It is like having a ray of sunshine in the room!  Good food with great friends ... life doesn't get much better than that!  And my QBee knows that I will spare no expense to decorate the table for her birthday!;-)

After all the busyness of Saturday ... the DillyDally's took it pretty easy today!  We slept in ... cleaned up ...  hit the road and went seeking signs of spring. 
Yep ... it is still winter out the road as well ... it was only open to 16 mile.  But ... some of the ponds were softening.
The Sheridan river was running ... melting is occurring somewhere up river!  In this picture you can see the Sheridan Glacier on the left and the Sherman Glacier on the right.
The most obvious sign of spring was in the cab with us ... Kysa!  Like all huskies, in the spring she sheds her winter coat ... it comes out by the handful!  Here is a tuft on the top of her head that will soon be released.  When we got out of the truck ... Mr. DillyDally and I were covered in "tufts" of Kysa fur ... a sure sign of spring!

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  1. Ah, yes the joy of owning huskies and the spring time. Koda's ears are even shedding! Poor Leinna is going to think dog hair is a new food group :o)