Friday, April 8, 2011

Continuing to Create Spring!

Mother Nature and Jack Frost have been in a serious "power struggle" most of this week. 
This was the view Wednesday morning ... very gray and wet.  When it is warm enough to rain, Mother Nature is winning the battle.
Thursday morning ... still gray ... with white highlights.  Jack Frost really asserted himself ... we were hit with a lot of very heavy, wet snow.
This (Friday) morning ... blue gray and heavy, wet snow continued.  Poor Mr. DillyDally ... he had to reestablish an intimate relationship with the show shovel.  ;-)  We got about 18 inches of heavy snow total ... both decks and the stairs required shoveling multiple times a day.   Many of our friends who live at higher elevations got much more than that, so we can't complain very loud. ;-)

While the forces of nature were at battle ... I continued my efforts to create a sense of spring indoors ...
My little herb seeds have sprouted!  Young sprouts ... filled with the hope of sunny skies and living in larger pots!  ;-)
In the sewing room ... we ignored the war going on outdoors by working with happy fabric!  Aren't these table scraps beautiful?  They just sing "Spring"!  I couldn't throw them out ... who knows what I'll do with them ... they are too small to remake into another quilt ... some dillydally whim will hit me!
It was easy to ignore the battle going on outdoors when Teacup and I laid out the blocks made with the "Dilly Dally" fabric!  Supervisor Teacup approves of the dillydally lifestyle ... we make our own fun and refuse to get involved in battles we have no control over!  ;-)

I have to chuckle when I think about Jack Frost ... in our remote corner of the planet, he tends to get a little "big for his britches" ... up here Mother Nature allows him to remain in power a bit longer than most places.  He forgets that he is Mother Nature's subordinate and when she begins to change the season, he responds with temper tantrums.  No one likes to give up power ... but like all leaders, Mother Nature remains firm ... spring will eventually arrive.
 Tonight she left us with a reminder that she will prevail ... spring will arrive and Jack will be moving to the deep south.  Create your own happiness ... do dillydally this weekend!


  1. Oh my, 18 inches of the white stuff at this point in the year might challenge my tolerance level for snow! I'm a good sport til April, then I can't take it anymore - I just have to have some warmth! (But I don't like it too hot so I guess there's just no pleasing me!)
    Love what you chose to dillydally with. :) And I love the bunnies in the previous post, too!
    Just curious - do you get "snow days" off from school up there where Jack Frost wins so much?

  2. I would take your pile of "spring" and make a fabric sewing basket - And you would always have a bit of "spring dilly dally" the year round!