Saturday, April 30, 2011

I've been in hiding! ;-)

Yes ... I am still in recovery after my Easter morning trauma.  Yes ... it is the talk in this remote corner of the planet.  And yes ... I have been in hiding, which is of course impossible when you live and work in a very small town that has no road! ;-)  Mr. DillyDally abandoned me (wink!) in my embarrassment and flew to the midwest to visit our children and his I am facing the humiliation all alone!  In my free time, I have stayed close to home (hiding) and done a bit of dillydallying.
Last weekend, our guild's special interest group, "The Niemeyer Crazies" met and worked on one or more of her patterns.  You can read about it here, at the guild's blog.  QBee Valerie and I are doing the Seasonal Table Runner.  At the meeting, I was able to cut out and organize it.
I have soooo many projects in progress ... many with deadlines ... that my plan is to work on this only during our meetings.  But ... I couldn't stand it ... I had to piece at least one unit!  Just to be sure I remembered her techniques! ;-)
I made some progress on Sister DillyDally's sweater.  The front is done ... and this, the back of the bodice, is nearly done!
This quilt, made entirely with scrap leftovers, came home from one of our local long arm quilters this week.  I had her use a wool batting ... OMGosh ... the batting is as wonderful as I anticipated it would be.  I'm already looking forward to my first nap under this quilt!  Yes ... napping is an important part of the dillydally lifestyle!  I hope your week was filled with dillydallying as well ... minus the hiding! ;-)

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  1. I'm sorry, JP & I are still laughing about your Easter trauma! Lovely sweater! Lucky girl!