Monday, April 4, 2011

A Wonderful Weekend!

Gosh ... it really was a wonderful weekend!  This was our guild's 24th Annual Spring Retreat ... and many of us have been going for all 24 years! ;-)  I hope you had a chance to see the guild's blog ... here ... there you will see photos of everyone and their projects!  Golly ... did I mention that it was a wonderful weekend?

I dillydallied on three different projects ... yep ... those dillydally winds were blowing every which way!  The first project I worked on was a kit I bought last summer in Bemidji, Minnesota from Emily's Country Cottage!
It is one of Emily's original designs and is called "Flowers in the Wood Box".  When I saw the sample hanging in her shop, I knew I had to have it!  It was love at first sight!
I was able to finish the piecing ... ya-hoo!  It was the perfect project to take ... not too complicated ... able to visit and sew at the same time!  Next step on this project is the wool applique' flowers in the block centers ... will keep you posted as I start that process ... remember ... I am very new to wool applique'!  A bit out of my comfort zone!  ;-)

Project 2 was another wall quilt designed to bring a touch of spring indoors ...
... yep ... more bunnies!  But these are of the McKenna Ryan variety ... they're wild bunnies, not Easter bunnies!  I won't have to take them down after Easter ... they can stay on the wall all summer!  I still have to layer and quilt in all the details!  Will update you as that happens.

Supervisor Teacup was not happy that I wasn't spending much time at home this weekend ... she got quite an attitude while I tried to do some prep work during the early morning hours ...
Teacup is thinking ... "Hmmmm how can I make this difficult for her?"
"She won't dare cut any strips now!"  Insert evil cat laugh only they can hear.
"I dare her to disturb me while I'm napping ... I know how to scatter all those tiny fusible pieces!"
I love her ... and she is cute ... and I don't care if she is my dillydally supervisor or not!  She was being very naughty! Naughty, naughty, snotty kitty! ;-)

Project 3 really sings to my dillydally soul ...
... it involves a pattern from this wonderful book, the pattern is called Hot Cross ...
... and I'm using my Dilly Dally fabric cake stands!  Really?  Can it get more fun?  I am loving it!

So that is what I did over the weekend ... did I mention how wonderful it was?

Most of the time our remote corner of the planet appears very gray this time of the year ... however, late this afternoon ...
... it seemed more silver than gray ... it had a shimmer.  Yes ... everyone who attended retreat accomplished a lot of quilting, but there was a silver lining much more important than our quilts.  The quilts only serve as a reminder of what the weekend was really about ... the laughter ... the problem-solving ... the snacks ;-) ... the encouragement ... the teamwork ... all those things that are intangible and must be represented in something we can touch ... our quilts.  I savor those moments when surrounded by the silver lining of life ... I bask in it's shimmer ... it's the dillydally way!

Did I mention?  Oh My Gosh Good Golly!  It was a wonderful weekend!


  1. Teacup's naughtiness makes me giggle... reminds of my Milo kitty at home in Cordova...

    Meagan N.

  2. looks like a good time was had by all") Liked your projects! especially the criss cross...